Best Tips to Strengthen & Lengthen Nails

 Strengthen & Lengthen Nails


5 best tips to

Strengthen & Lengthen nails

Most of us these days all want beautiful long and strong nails so here are lots of amazing tips on just how to do that 

  1. Best vitamins to Strengthen & Lengthen nails
  2. Collagen as well as Biotin are two of the best supplements 
  3. Oval Shaped nails can avoid breakage 
  4. Picking with your nails is out use something else
  5. Always wear gloves when using harsh chemicals
  6. Use a quality cuticle cream daily  

Which are the top Nail Vitamins? 

  • Top vitamin is Collagen bonus also strengthens hair
  • Hydrates your skin & is good for the gut
  • Also Biotin a vitamin B type essential for nail strengthening
  • Biotin rich food include Egg Yolk, Nuts, Salmon, Dairy
  • B, C, Iron, Magnesium & Zinc help nail growth building

Does Nails show health problems?

  • Did you know White lines can be a lack of protein?
  • Nail discolouration is quite common
  • Yellow Staining are from dark polish without a base coat
  • Brownish spots could be fungal
  • Pale Nails can be a sign of Anemia
  • White Marks or Streaks can be the result of damaged nails
  • Bluish Tint might mean the body’s lack of oxygen

Strengthen & Lengthen Nails

What are the best

Strengthening Manicures?

  • Firstly our Gel Polish Mani which uses a Vitamin Strengthening Base Coat to repair the nail
  • We add Structure Gel improves nail strengthening
  • A nourishing almond cuticle oil to finish your Manicure
  • Also Dipping Powder Manicures are ideal
  • Lastly Gel or Acrylic Manicures particularly for bitten nails

So how does a Collagen Hand Mask help?

Not only does taking Collagen internally help strengthen & lengthen nails. But also using a Collagen Mask on a regular basis 

  • Softens dry cuticles
  • Strengthens weak nails
  • Hydrates and smooths out skin
  • Plumps up mature hands 

One of the best moisturising Gloves is Voesh Collagen Gloves. It’s full of Phyto Collagen (this type of Collagen helps with external environment like the Sun and Pollution). As well as Vitamin E and Peppermint

Why Collagen is so vital for our skin?

Basically it’s the stuff that holds our body together. It’s made up protein and elastin in your skin, muscles, tendons and bones. 

As we age naturally our Collagen production slows down. By increasing your Collagen you help fight wrinkles and fine lines. At the end of your Collagen Manicure your hands will feel amazingly soft.

strengthening & lengthening

What’s included in our Collage Mobile Manicure?

  • Starting with a basic manicure
  • file, shape, cuticle exfoliator,
  • exfoliating hand scrub
  • nourishing hand massage
  • Then we apply your Collagen gloves
  • Lastly we apply your favourite polish

Another nourishing Hand treatment is Paraffin Wax. By covering your hands with warm wax and hand gloves. The wax is very softening on the hands and the warmth of the heat is good for the joints. 

Oh and we haven’t forgotten about your poor feet. If you do suffer with dry feet or if they are very calloused or cracked we have many foot treatments available

strengthen & lengthen nails


Want to know which Shape 

lengthen & strengthen nails?

For Short and Slim Fingers 

If you have a small nail base try going for an Almond, Round, Oval or pointy nail shapes.

Now the best colours are

  • Nude, Yellowish Beige or Peachy Pink
  • Metallics or Brights
For Short and Wide Fingers

Especially for wide nail base, then try more rounded shapes like Oval, Round or Squoval.

If your nails are quite short Acrylics or Gel are great for a special occasion

You can’t go wrong with

  • Nudes, Beige, Caramel 
  • But no Bright Colours
For Long and Slim Fingers

If you lovely long & thin fingers you need a wider shape. Try Rounded, Almond, Square or Squoval. 

Ideal colours are

  • Metallics Silver, Gold, Neon Orange or Pink
  • Ageing hands Pearly Whites or Metallic Pinks
For Long and Wide Fingers

If your hands are large with wide fingers try an Oval or Almond shaped nails. 

Try these colours

  • Nude Beiges or Pinkish Nude.
  • Or dark colours leave 3 or 4mm from the side of the nail creating a slimmer look. 

Lengthening & Strengthening

Which colour makes nails look longer?

  1. Fair Skin – Pinkish Nudes, Lavender Purple, Peachy Orange, Sheer Whites, Bright Pinks, Classic Reds or Midnight Blue
  2. Medium Skin – Yellowy Beige,  Peachy Pink, Grape Purple, Mettalic Red or Sky Blue
  3. Dark Skin – Fushcia Pinks, Berry Purple, Burgundy Reds or Cobalt Blue

Strengthen & Lengthen nails

Want longer & slender looking nails?

Best colours are – 

  1. Basic – Nude, Beige, Toffee or Caramels.
  2. Fair skin – Pearly or Pink based nudes or Pinks
  3. Medium skin – Yellow based beige, Gold or orange
  4. Dark skin Mettallic based caramel or brown 

But you can’t go wrong with a nice Clear polish or French Nails. Stay away from Silver, Grey, Neon and Bright Colours. 

Which colour can make

mature hands looks younger?

For Seniors

Avoid blue-based polish draws more attention to your blue veins. As well as sallowness &aging of your skin.

  1. Basic – warm pinks, oranges and red based
  2. Fair Skin – Pearly or Metallic Whites & Pearly or Bright pinks
  3. Medium skin – Pearly or Bright Pinks or Orange based reds
  4. Dark skin  – Poppy Pinks, Neon Oranges or a Mint Green

 Relax & Rebalance

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One simple home beauty tip – reduces wrinkles, boosts nail growth

What simple, healthy beauty tip helps wrinkles, firms skin & strengthen nails

A simple beauty tip that does it all a daily dose of Collagen. It helps soften fine lines and strengthen weak nails. As well as thickens hair, reduce bone loss and boosts muscle mass. 

Well re-knowned wholistic plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn says. Results from clinical trials has shown Collagen improves up to 60% moisture and tone of your skin. Go for top quality Collagen supplements with Verisol as the main ingredient.

As we get older you find you start adding serums and night creams. By taking a a daily Collagen supplement you can reduce all these extra beauty treatments

Which Collagen type gives you a glowing skin, nails and hair

Collagen type 1 & 3 is for skin, hair, nails and bones. Minimizes fines lines. Improves dryness, increases elasticity. Slows hair loss and helps correct weak nails. Also helps bone structure and build lean muscle. 

Whereas collagen 2 is for joints and cartilage. Increases protein and collagen for knees, back, jaw and joints

What vital ingredients should be in your Collagen supplement

Verisol should be the main ingredient in your Collagen supplements. Studies show that Verisol can slow the natural process of sagging skin. Which leads to less wrinkles, sagging skin and lack of moisture. 

Also include Hydraulic Acid which helps plumpen up your skin. Add on Biotin for brittle nails and hair loss. Include all 3 ingredients for the best results. Also check out which 3 skincare anti-ageing ingredients give the best results 

You can easily take Collagen in the form of tablets, liquid or powder. By using the powder you can also add it to smoothies, muffins, cereal or coffee.  Best to purchase a flavourless powder

simple home beauty tip

Another great home beauty tip that Beauty Salons use

Is Micro-Needling your skin. It can help increase collagen and thicken your skin. Also soften fine lines and wrinkles. As well as decrease acne scarring.

But you can do it at home easily. By purchasing a  0.5mm – 2.5mm Micro -Needle Roller. With its very fine needles it prickles the top layer of your skin. This helps your moisturisers and serums penetrate deeper into your skin. Up to 10000 more times into the depth of your skin. Which means your skincare product works much more effectively. 

Simple to use 1 – 3 times a week. After moisturiseing roll your Micro-Needler in different direction. Some redness may occur for a short period so do at night. Wonderful for smoothing lines and improving skin texture. Dont use over any redness or infected areas

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Best Home Pedicure Tips for Dry Cracked Heels

Home Pedicure

Home Pedicure Tips for Dry Heels 

Best tip is every shower exfoliate your feet, this will rid of the top layer of dead skin 

  • Or make a DIY scrub with a quality Himalayan or Sea Salt
  • Combine with Olive, Coconut or Almond oil to make a smooth paste
  • Straight after use a pedi file or pumice stone to get rid of the bottom layer of dead skin. 
  • If your heels are still very dry, also use a good quality Callous remover.
  • Or try Pro Linc Heel Eliminator
  • This is a great product if consistently used. Wrap a wet paper towel after apply the solution. Then wrap feet in glad wrap.

What can I try for Dry Cracked Heels ?

Still do all our tips above first, for very cracked skin use a good quality heel cream.

  • Try Coconut Oil or Be Natural Dry Heel Elimination.
  • It can really make a difference if you leave a cream on overnight with socks a few times a week 
  • Lastly a professional home pedicure can also give you good results.
  • As well your Therapist can show you how to look after your feet at home.

Mobile Manicure or Pedicure for Seniors

Whats included in

our home Pedicure Treatment?

Choose from Nourishing Foot Mask or Warm Paraffin Mask treatments

    • Starting with clipping nails, filing and shaping
    • Next soaking your feet & cuticle treatment
    • Next Hydrating Foot Mask or Warm Paraffin Mask 
    • Then Pedi file on the feet soles with a Relaxing massage
    • Finally a splash of coloured nail polish
    • Add on a Mani to your Home Pedicure

Or try our Dry Cracked Heel Treatment

Includes soak, scrub, pedi file & mask. Afterwards your feet will feel amazing

      • Firstly clipping nails, filing and shaping
      • Next soaking your feet and cuticle treatment
      • Applying Pro Linc Callous Eliminator for 15 mins
      • Exfoliating and pedi file
      • Finally nourishing Dry Heel Eliminator massage

Mobile home pedi and mani

Tired aching feet what you need is
a Detox Foot Massage 

Soak those poor, neglected feet & afterward a heavenly foot Massage

      • Firstly clipping nails, filing and shaping
      • Next soaking feet in Himalaya Crystal Salts
      • Iconic salts help detox the body 
      • Cuticle treatment and exfoliating 
      • Finally a energising Acupressure Massage
      • Lastly a lovely coloured nail polish

Now do you need an Express

or Indulgent Home Pedi?  

Don’t you just love having a Pedicure but maybe you just want a quick pedi or a longer one with massage

Express Pedi 20 mins 
Ideal if you’re having a Pamper Party or just want a quick home Pedi.
Whats included –

      • Nail filing
      • Cuticle Treatment
      • Nail polish

Basic Pedi 30 mins 
Great if your looking for a regular Pedi or one for a Special Occasion.
Whats included –

      • Trim, filing, cuticle 
      • Quick foot soak
      • Nail polish

Pedicures Gold CoastIndulgent Pedi 60 mins 
This will suit you if you want more Massage or Treatments.
Whats included

        • Trim, filing, cuticles
        • Foot Soak & Foot Scrub
        • Foot Mask or Paraffin Wax Treatment
        • Longer Leg & Foot Massage with Polish 

New Years Mobile Beauty Special

Or if you prefer Gel Polish  

Express Gel Polish Pedi 45 mins 
Ideal if you want a quick drying & longer lasting home Pedicure 

Whats included

      • Nail filing
      • Cuticle Treatment
      • Buffing
      • Nail polish

Indulgent Gel Pedi 60 mins  
This one has a Foot Soak and Massage as well

Whats included

  • Trimming
  • Nail filing
  • Cuticle Treatment 
  • Buffing
  • Nail polish
  • Foot Soak
  • Massage

One of our brands of polish we use is the Beautiful Morgan Taylor Polish. Colours are inspired by gorgeous gemstones. With shiny metallics, shimmers, cremes & sparkling glitters. Plus free of nasty Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP 

mens mobile home pedicure

4 reasons for booking a Men’s Home Pedicure

  1. Firstly a good foot Massage is great way to unwind. Even better certain pressure points on the feet are very relaxing & beneficial to your health 
  2. Secondly having toenails clipped correctly can prevent ingrown toenails. Especially if he has difficulty cutting his toenails
  3. Thirdly if there is foot odour, exfoliation & filing dry skin will improve the condition of your feet. Particularly playing a lot of sport or wears closed shoes all the time
  4. Fourthly this would all be done privately in the comfort of your own home. typically if he’s uncomfortable about going to a salon. Why not add on a Men’s Massage or Facial or Bacial to complete his day 

Common Male Foot problems 

When you have Foot Odour – It’s important to keep your toe nails very clean underneath. As well as exfoliating dead, dry skin. By doing this as a preventive for further foot odour & bacteria

If there is any Ingrown toenails – Cutting nails straight across regularly can help a lot. Also cutting a V shape into the nail will give a quicker result if you already have a ingrown nails

As most men can suffer with dry Callouses or Bunions. By regular soaking & applying a good Callous remover this will get rid of dry, dead skin. Followed by a foot scrub & a foot filing 

If he is very athletic a regular Foot Pedi maintenance will keep his feet healthy.  


What causes stained toenails?

  • Having a Foot Pedicure Treatment can be embarrassing sometimes
  • So first lets find out what are the possible cause of your stained nails
  • The most common orange-yellow stain is from your beloved nail polish
  • Furthermore those dark colours are the worst but there is a solution
  • If you always use a base coat & remove old polish within a few a weeks
  • If it’s a yellowish discolouration its most likely a fungal infection
  • Especially if its lifting or crumbly & has become thickened
  • Also if you have a greenish black stain it could be a bacterial infection
  • Finally if your taking medication a side effect might be a bluish tinge

Simple tips for treating Stained Nails

  • If its a orangish yellowish stain its usually from Nail Polish so always use a base coat
  • Just gently scraping with a metal cuticle pusher can remove the discoloration
  • Also try soaking in lemon juice everyday or a try nail whitening product
  • Furthermore you could just stay polish free for a short period
  • With so much dirt, grime it’s easy to get a yellowish fungal infection
  • Wash your feet & dry thoroughly every night & use a quality foot  powder
  • Furthermore not all fungal products work well
  • You could try soaking in vinegar a few times a day
  • Also if it’s a bacterial infection usually a course of antibiotics can help
  • Furthermore if redness, tenderness, swelling
  • Or nail thickness & nail lifting then see your doctor

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Looking for the Best Birthday Pamper Party Themes

Mobile Birthday Pamper Parties

Dessert Birthday Pamper Party

What about an indulgent Dessert themed party. Make some yummy cakes, slices, flans or tarts. Sit back and relax with  First choose from a Pamper treatment. Back Massage or Leg/Foot or Arm/Hand Massage and Foot or Hand Pamper. Then choose from one of our 4  fragrances below.

  1. Blueberry Cheesecake  (Cheesecake based dessert with Blueberries) An inviting aroma of mouth-watering Blueberry infused oil with notes of mellow Vanilla
  2. Creme Carmel – (Custard base dessert with Caramel)
  3. Lemon Meringue – (Meringue based dessert with Lemon Custard )
  4. Raspberry & Lime Trifle – (Fruit & Custard layered based cake)  A luscious infused fragrant oil with lime, strawberry & raspberry, With middle notes of creamy, buttery vanilla, malt, musk & rum

Cocktail Birthday Pamper Party 

Do you love your cocktails then you’ll love our Cocktail Infused Pamper Party Treatments.  First choose from a Pamper treatment. Back Massage – Leg/Foot or Arm/Hand MassageFoot or Hand Pamper Massage and Scrub. Check out our Spa Cocktails or Mocktails. Just choose from one of our 4 fragrances below. 

  1. Pink Mimosa(Champagne based Pink Apple Cocktail)A gorgeous fresh fragrant oil infused with fruity, herbaceous & flowers essences. Notes of Mimosa, Pink Apple, Champagne, Lilly of the Valley, Basil & Jasmine 
  2. Mint Mojito (Rum based Spearmint Cocktail)
  3. Strawberry Daiquiri – (White Rum base Strawberry Cocktail)

Sex on the Beach – this is one of our favourite (Vodka based Tropical Peach Cocktail) A beautiful fruity fragrant oil infused with tropical  essences. Notes of Pineapple, Orange, Banana, Peach, Vodka, Coconut & Jasmine

Hens Party

    • For a Girlie Hen she’ll love a  pamper party like a pampering pedicure, maybe a soothing facial or a nice relaxing massage. Make some cute little sweets shapes like thongs or fuzzy slippers for that spa effect 
    • For a Foodie Hen hire a gourmet chef to show you some yummy recipes or organise a cooking classe
    • For the Demure Hen book a high tea party with delicious finger sandwiches or  sweets savouries with a touch of Audrey Hepburn. Brisbane is full of high tea spots 
    • For a Spiritual Hen try a Tarot card reader, numerology, astrology & found out what’s in her future
    • For the Superfit Hen do a sexy Pole dancing class, or dress up in corsets for some Burlesque Dancing. Shimmer and shake with some Belly Dancing. Or destress and unwind with a  Yoga class
    • For an Outgoing Hen hire a topless waiter, whilst they concoct some sweet cocktails

Lolly Party

Love your lollies, chocolates and cupcakes. We know its not good for you but its for a special occasion your birthday. Do your own, just buy some inexpensive glass bowl and jars. Add your favourite sweets from the Lolly section or shop. Or even do a colour theme say all Blue or my favourite colour Purple. 

Or alternatively hire a someone to come out and do a Lolly Buffet for you. This another great idea for a Kids or Teen Pamper Party  So have fun, enjoy your Pampering and celebrate

Wedding & Kid's Party Ideas

Psychic Party

Looking to find out what your future holds. Like Tarot cards, Palmistry, Astrology  or Angel Cards.  Once you have hired your Psychic you can plan your decorations and food . Do some star sign cookies or food shaped like star, moon or sun. Then add some healing crystals maybe some dreamcatchers or aromatherapy candles.

You could have a mini reading one on one or a workshop on how to do Psychic readings. Maybe  give a reading to your friends. Also dress up like a Gypsy or a Witch

DIY Spa Birthday Party

For a more DIY inspired party you could make your own DIY lip gloss, lip scrubs, body scrubs or bath bombs. Check out our kids DIY spa party idea and tips

  1. Lip Scrub recipesJust add a good quality granulated sugar with Olive or Almond oil. Then some flavouring like Strawberry, Vanilla or Coconut
  2. Body Scrub recipes Just add a good quality salt with Olive or Almond oil. Then some essential oils like Lime, Lemon grass, Ylang Ylang
    Also make your own spa themed food some really inspiring ideas below.  
  3. Savoury – Roll thin flatbread wraps with light coloured filling like chicken and cucumber. Looks just like Rolled Up Towels.  Make light sandwiches and add decorations cutting in the Shape of Thongs
  4. Sweets – Bake cookies Shaped like Pink Fuzzy Slipper. Or try Cookies n Cream Fudge Shaped Rocks with sentimental sayings, like RELAX OR CHILL.  Check out our Spa themed Baby Shower party ideas .

Birthday Pamper Party

Relax & Rebalance

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Baby Shower Spa Party Ideas

So how does a Baby Shower Spa Party work

Now if you’re looking to host a really special Baby Shower Party, you can’t go wrong with Pampering. It’s so easy and stress free because you don’t really have to do anything. 

Once you organise a Baby Shower Spa Party Service. They will come to you, set up and do all the Pampering. Whilst you, the Mum to be and guests, just sit back, chill and relax. Also you don’t have to supply anything.

If you’re pregnant find out more about Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy Massage Therapy 

Here’s some great Baby Shower Spa Party Theme Ideas 

Decorations – Think gorgeous smelling Candles or Aromatherapy Diffusers. Floating Flowers in Water or Relaxing Spa Music

Savoury – Roll thin flatbread wraps with light coloured filling like chicken and cucumber. Looks just like Rolled Up Towels.  Make light sandwiches and add decorations cutting in the Shape of Thongs

Sweets – Bake cookies Shaped like Pink Fuzzy Slipper. Or try Cookies n Cream Fudge Shaped Rocks with sentimental sayings, like RELAX OR CHILL. 

Drinks – Check out my delicious Spa Party Cocktails. As well as Healthy ones or for non drinkers Mock Cocktails as well]

Here some fun DIY Spa Products

These are so easy and inexpensive to make. Check out my DIY Spa Pamper Party products. Like a yummy Peppermint or Cinnamon Lip Scrub. Or a luscious Lemongrass or Lime Body Scrub. 

Or why not have everyone soaking their feet. Just buy some inexpensive foot buckets. Then put some essentials oils in like Peppermint or Lemongrass.

Oh I haven’t forgotten the kids so here are some great tips for Teen and Children Spa Parties

What does a Professional Spa Party service offer

When you book with us we take all your details like name, address, date and time. Then you let us know how many ladies are coming. Next the ladies pick their treatments from our Pamper Party page . Selecting from 20 mins, 30 mins, 40 mins or 60 mins treatments

Our Pamper treatments include Massage, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Gel Polish and of course Pregnancy Massage. Lastly we do up a schedule and organise our therapists. 

Finally on the day we arrive a little earlier to set up. You don’t need to supply anything except maybe some chairs.  Then all you do is sit back relax and be pampered 

Relax & Rebalance

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How to change your Home Beauty Routine from Winter to Summer

Why you need to change your Skincare routine seasonally

Your Home Beauty routine needs to change from Winter to Summer. With drastic changes in temperature. Your skin feels the effect from the cold Wintery winds to the hot Summer days. 

If you live a in a very hot climate like Queensland Australia. You know that we sweat a lot in Summer time. So our pores block up a lot more with oil, sweat, dirt and pollution. 

Our Winters even though are not very cold at all. Our windy days can be very drying on our skin. So what exactly do you need to change when it comes to your Home Beauty Routine

Your Winter Skincare Routine

  • Cleansing – If you normally use a cleansing gel for Summer. Try a cleansing cream for Normal to Dry skin. Maybe just washing your face once a day. For oily to combination skins try a cleansing lotion. You can wash your face twice day if you still need to
  • Scrub – Same as above but opt for a gentler version of your Summer scrub. Or reduce exfoliating your skin once a week for normal to dry skins. For oily to combination skin types reduce exfoliating to once or twice a week. 
  • Moisturising – You might find the Winter winds can be very drying on your skin. So if you usually use a oil free moisturiser in Summer. For normal to dry skin use a c moisturiser cream. For oily to combination skins try a moisturising lotions.

Home Beauty skincare and makeup tips for Winter

Don’t forget your night time routine. Your face Serum and or Night cream can really add that extra moisture needed. Make sure your products include these 3 best Anti-Aging ingredients

Your eyes and lips need extra hydration too. If you usually use an Eye Gel try an Eye cream or serum. For lips always keep a chapstick and or lip moisturiser handy

If your still feeling a little dry add a rehydrating Mask. Try once maybe twice a week. Also be careful with long hot showers as that can dry you skin out even more. 

As well is your Foundation you might look at changing.  For normal to dry skins try a cream or liquid foundation. Oily and combination you might need to still need use an oil free foundation if you aren’t suffering with drier skin

Really nourish your skin with our Mobile Beauty Mango Facial 

  • For extra hydration for winter book our Rehydrating Home Beauty Facial starting with a gentle a double cleansing. Then a gentle scrub, followed by a Passionfruit Peel with steamed warm towel
  • Afterwards a nourishing Mango Mask with a Apricot Eye Mask. Whilst that is a drying a Neck & Shoulder Massage with a Pineapple & Orange infused oil
  • Finally a Face Serum, Eye Serum, Face Moisturiser with a Scalp Massage

Relax & Rebalance

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Strawberry Massage – Best Indulgent Pamper Package

Do you love Strawberries and Champagne?

Then try our Strawberry Massage Pamper Package. It’s the perfect present for all occasions. Whether its Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Birthday, Xmas,  Also great idea for Hen’s Parties and Pamper Parties

You can choose from a calming and soothing Swedish Massage or a firmer Deep Tissue Massage.

Plus a Free bottle of Pink Champagne too. Finishing off with a glass of champers.

Did you know Strawberries are very good for your skin?

They are full of Anti-Oxidents. Which means it’s good for wrinkles and lines.  Also if you have dry elbows or heels. Strawberries are ideal for all types of skin types whilst helping balance out your skin. They also contain AHA which is good for exfoliation.[CBOX_PRO id=14245]

Try our other indulgent Pamper Package

Chocolate Massage – with a Chocolate Body Butter. Vanilla Coconut Massage and Back Scrub  – with a Vanilla Coconut Scrub and Body Butter. Citrus Lime Massage Pamper Packagewith a Fully Body Massage and Citrus Lime Back Scrub. Leg and Foot Acupressure Massage with Foot Scrub. Lastly a Indian Head Massage and Banana Hair Treatment

Or wanting a more therapeutic type of Massage Package

All our therapeutic Pamper Packages have essentials oils such as Rosemary or Peppermint for muscle ache and tension. As well as hot steamed towels.

  • Remedial Massage  – for chronic areas or for strained muscles
  • Shiatsu Acupressure –  focusing on the body as a whole. Combining massage & acupressure
  • Indian Head Massagerelieves tension for your upper back, neck, shoulder, scalp and face
  • Pregnancy Massage – Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage  

Relax & Rebalance

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Teen Pamper Party Facials

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What our Express Teen Pamper Party Facial include

A Teen Pamper Party Facial is a fun way to introduce your teenager to looking after their skin. So at your next teen’s party have a yummy Chocolate Facial. their friends. Your beauty therapist will show them how to do a basic home skincare routine. Whilst having fun with friends. Another fun idea is have Mum and Daughter Spa day at home

  • First a double cleansing of the face 
  • Then a organic Chocolate Cocoa mask is applied
  • Chocolate is a natural anti-oxidant good for  dry, normal and combination skins
  • Chocolate Cream hand massage whilst the mask is drying
  • Next Steamed towel removal of the mask
  • Lastly a balancing moisturiser
  • Teen Foot Spa Pamper Party is a great add on to you Teen’s Birthday

Want to know the best tips for your Teen’s Skincare Routine

I know most teenagers found it hard to stick to a skincare routine. But it’s even more vital is if they are active or sporty. Suffering with breakouts or problem skin. Or if their self esteem is quite low. So keep it simple a quick cleanse in the shower. Then a both or either pimple cream and moisturiser. Make sure your using the right cleanser and moisturiser

  • Double cleans gently on the T-Zone area (forehead, nose and chin)
  • Always carry cleansing wipes if playing sport or on hot days
  • Change their Teen Skincare routine in Summer and Winter
  • Never go overboard with cleansing & scrubbing as this can produce more oil
  • If the occasional time they skip the routine,  just a cleansing wipe is fine

Here’s how our Teen Party Packages work

Choose one only Pamper Party Package. From Facial or Massage or Manicures or Pedicures or heated bubbly Foot Spa. Why not make it a totally a Spa theme with food and decorations. You could also add some DIY Spa products like lip scrubs or lip glosses activities

  • I bring everything to you
  • Choose from Chocolate Facials or Massages
  • Manicures or Pedicures or Vanilla Foot Spa
  • With a dusting of Gold Shimmer on arms or legs
  • All treatments are 15 mins each

What is your teen’s weekly skincare routine for breakouts

If your teen has uninflammatory or inflammatory breakouts then you need to add treatments. For a few uninflammed breakouts like blackhead, whiteheads or millia you can extract them at home yourself if done correctly. For many breakouts especially Millia you will need a therapist to extract after treatments applied. Millia can be one of the most commonly hard pimple to remove and can happen from teenager to mature age. Basically it’s dirt or oil trapped under the skin. So a good skincare routine is important. For inflammed breakouts medication or a skin specialist maybe needed

  • Cleanse, scrub, mask, tone, pimple lotion & moisturiser in that order 
  • 1 – 3 times a week gently use a scrub after your cleanser
  • 1 or 2 times a week apply your mask after your cleanser or scrub
  • Vitex Angus Castus can help acne, hormones, and pimples
  • As well as Zinc is great for acne and breakouts too

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Now if your teenager’s skincare routine is not helping their skin. Then it’s a good idea to have have a professional Teen Facial. The therapist will have look at their skin. Also advise them on after homecare 

A Chocolate Facial Mask is very good for Acne and Breakouts

Relax & Rebalance

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Bannish those small white bumps on your face – Mobile Beauty Tips

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Mobile Beauty Tips – what causes those little white bumps

  • They’re like tiny white pearls under your skin called Millia
  • both irregular exfoliation and a bad skin care routine Mobile Beauty Tips 1 #
  • not only caused by dead skin cells, but also they get trapped under the surface
  • heavy or pore-clogging products
  • using a lot of makeup and not taking it off

What is the quickest way to remove them

  • if you have a few bumps try pricking with a thin needle.
  • it’s not like popping a pimple, but it needs to be lanced first
  • Mobile Beauty Tips 2 # the Milla MUST BE HARD
  • firstly either use a sterilised sharp needle or pimple extractor
  • secondly cleanse your face thoroughly
  • make a tiny tear, top or next to it & use a gentle pressure
  • either use the extractor, or wear gloves using 2 index fingers 
  • also after a few go’s nothing happens then STOP  
  • lastly finish with a toner & moisturiser
  • find out more – 3 best Anti-Aging products – Vitamin A, Glycolic &

Mobile Beauty Tips on Vitamin A Prescribed Creams 

  • Retinol which is an extract of Vitamin A can be very effective
  • you could try Tretinoin (Retin-A) – for wrinkles or acne 
  • Isotretinoin(Accutane) tablets – not only very good for acne, but has side effects
  • not using a prescribed Retinoid cream is fine, but it’s not as quick

[CBOX_PRO id=13903]

  • Retinoid Tazarotene (Tazorac) – both stronger than Tretinoin, but also excellent for wrinkles
  • Adapalene (Differin) – gentler then Tretinoin
  • Mobile Beauty Tips 3 # not only you must apply at night but also limit sunlight

When you need to see a Dermatologist or a Mobile Beauty Therapist

Beauty Advice to stop them coming back

  • Firstly always remove your Make-up throughly
  •  don’t forget the eye area can get a lot Milia
  • so only use skincare products for the eye area 
  • weekly routine should consist of
  • using a cleanser with salicylic 
  • applying a Scrub or Peel with Glycolic 
  • then moisturise as well as a mask once a week
  • find out more about the right scrub for you
  • Mobile Beauty Tips 5# Lastly use a Comodene or oil free moisturiser

 Relax & Rebalance 

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Teen Pamper Parties – how to organise

Teen Pedicures

Why Teen Pamper Parties are so popular?

Teen Pamper Parties are so popular these days. So if you want to do something a fun. Why not book your teenage daughter a Pamper Party 

Not only are they easy to organise, but also you don’t need to do a thing. We bring it all you whether its Facials, Mani’s, Pedi’s or Foot Scrubs. 

How do I organise a Pamper Party?

No sooner you give us your details, then we book you all in. You just tell us your date, time and address. 

Next you decide on which Teen Pamper Party treatments. All treatments are 15 minutes each choose from a Manicure, Pedicure, Foot Scrub or Chocolate Facial 

Pamper Parties

Which Teen Pamper Party Treatment

should I choose?

They are all pretty popular but if your daughter loves getting her nails done then a 15 min Manicure or 15 min Pedicure is perfect

But remember if having a Manicure make sure its in school holidays as not all schools allow painted fingernails

Or if they love looking after their skin and who doesn’t love chocolate, then a 15 mins Chocolate Facial is perfect. They love the smell of the Chocolate made with real Cocoa.

Also it’s a great way to introduce the importance of looking after their skin. As their skin always feels nice and soft afterwards. 

Or a nice foot soak with exfoliating scrub and mini massage. Leaving there feet scrubbed clean and super soft 


What’s included in our 15 mins treatments ?


  • Cleanse
  • Mask
  • Mini Hand Massage
  • Moisturise

Manicures & Pedicures 

  • File
  • Base Coat
  • 2 Coats Colour
  • Top Coat. 

Foot Soak/Scrub

  • Foot soak
  • Scrub
  • Mini Massage

Don’t forget Mum we also do Ladies Pamper Parties for Birthdays, Baby Showers or Bridal Showers 


Pamper Parties Food

How to do DIY Teen Pamper Parties?

Foot Spa

Girls love to soak their feet in nice warm water. Their feet will fill so nice & soft plus super clean afterwards. Here’s what you need 

  • large bowls 
  • body or foot scrub
  • body moisturiser 

First soak their feet in warm water and use a scrub on their feet. Then pat dry and moisturise. Also try this easy recipe for Bath Bombs. For something yummy to eat are these great Spa themed cupcakes

Teenager Pamper Parties Cupcakes


Teenagers love Chocolate Facial so try this easy Chocolate mask. Have some good quality Cocoa powder melted to make a paste. Then just add some almond oil

What you need

  • Hair band
  • Small bowls/Facial sponge
  • Teenager cleanser/moisturiser
  • Chocolate Mask /Brush for mask

For young skins Neutrogena skin care is ideal and affordable for your DIY Teenage Pamper Party . Firstly cleanse face with sponges. Then apply the Facial mask with a brush. Whilst drying Massage hands for 7 – 10 mins.

They could also make some yummy simple Lip Glosses and even decorate the little lip gloss jars with glitter or coloured tape. Try this easy recipe for DIY lip glosses

Teen Pamper Parties Brisbane
Mani and Pedi 

All girls love having their nails painted a pretty colour. So just buy some nice and bright colours & glitters. 

What you need

  • Nail files Base coat preferably a base coat
  • Coloured polishes 
  • Quality quick dry Top coat
  • Nail Polish remover 
  • Cotton Pads 

Start by washing hands and drying hands throughly. Then filing nails preferably in one direction. Wipe each nail thoroughly with Nail Polish Remover

Apply base coat and wait 1 minute between all coats. Making sure you apply thin coats through out the whole manicure. Paint 2 coats of coloured polish. Lastly apply top coat and on the tip as well.

Also they could make their very own signature Perfume try oils Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Lime or Jasmine. Here is an easy recipe for a Kids Perfume.

 Relax & Rebalance

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