Best DIY Spa Pamper Party tips

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If you’re looking for amazingly simple DIY Spa Pamper Party tips read on

Having been to many Pamper Parties over the years as a Beauty therapist. Its a perfect way to catch up with friends & eat scrumptious food.

Almost forgot the important part – pampering. Below are Spa Pamper Party tips with easy, luscious DIY Spa products. 

Also simple & delicious Spa themed cocktails too. 

Here is a simple DIY Lip Scrub


Are you organising a Kids Pamper Party use good quality flavouring & colouring from Health Food Stores

Lip Scrub recipes

  • First is Sugar – Granulated or Caster  –  gentler scrub
  • Brown or coconut –  firmer scrub
  • Next is Oil – Coconut, Olive or Almond oil
  • Also Flavour & Colouring optional try Vanilla, Peppermint, Cinnamon or fresh Fruit 
  • Use 2 parts Sugar to 1 part Oil 
  • Store in a small jar  
  • You can cleanse face & scrub lips at the same time then rinse
  • Just use scrub twice a week

Spa Pamper Party tips – have aromatic Candles, Incense or fragrant Flowers 

Try fragrant Foot soaks, relaxing Facials or Pampering Mani or Pedi

Here is an easy DIY Body Scrub

Spa Pamper Party tips Body ScrubFor a good quality salt try Himalaya Salt or Sea Salt 

Body Scrub recipes

  • First is Sugar or Salt – Fine Sugar or Salt – gentle scrub
  • Coarse Sugar or Salt – medium scrub
  • Next is Oil – e.g Coconut or Almond
  • Also add Essential oil e.g. Lemongrass, Ylang Ylang or Lime
  • Use 2 parts Sugar or Salt to 1 part Oil 
  • Finally store in a large jar 
  • Just use scrub once or twice a week

Spa Pamper Party tips – try soothing music like Rainforest or Ocean themes 

Ask the girls to bring along a Bathrobe or nice PJ’s 

Are you ready for delicious Spa themed CocktailSpa Pamper Party tips Spa Cocktails

Also you could try Malibu Cocktails or Champagne Cocktails

Margarita’s (taste best frozen)

  • First Tequila good quality one
  • Triple Sec an Orange flavoured liquor like Cointreau
  • Simple Syrup which is just equal parts of sugar & water
  • Finally the best part the flavour fresh Lime juice, Lemon, Strawberries,Mango, Raspberries, Kiwi & more  

Cosmopolitan (add ice sit for a few mins) 

  • First Vodka Citron gives a much nicer flavour
  • Triple Sec Orange flavoured liquor 
  • Fresh Lime Juice

Spa Pamper Party tips – put fruit & cute umbrellas to decorate your Cocktails

Give everyone small gift bag with a Fragrant Candle & Incense

Want to hire a Pamper Party Service instead

Because you don’t have to supply anything just give us a call. Choose from Massages, Mani’s, Pedi’s, Facials, Scrubs, Hand & Foot Treatments. More Pamper Party Ideas

Even more we can come to your Home, holiday place, workplace or hospitals we come to you. Great idea for Kids Children Spa Pamper Parties

So starting organising & have a amazing Spa Pamper Party 

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Kid’s Party tips – Want to know popular games & activites

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With my great Kid’s Party tips your next children’s party will be so much fun

Racking your brain for new ideas for your child’s birthday party. First up I have included some great Physical games to tire them out. Then after you can sit them down doing some really cool crafts activities. Having been to many Children’s parties over the years doing Kids Pamper Parties. I have watched kids get bored quickly with games or finding a craft activity to hard. So here are some great Kid’s Party tips.

Most important tip always select age appropriate games & activities. Just try to keep it fun & simple depending on the age group. 

They’ll love these super fun physical games   

 Try to have at least 2 or 3 short physical games planned at the start of your party 

Kid's Party tips

Here’s more super cool Kid’s Party Tips for Craft activities 

So always make sure your craft activity is age appropriate especially under 11 yrs keep it very  easy. 

Kid's Party tips

For Girls Parties here’s a nice way to wind down with some Pampering Treatments 

Kids Pamper Parties are becoming so much more popular these days here are our Kid’s Pamper Party PackagesKid's Party tips

  • 15 mins So Yummy Chocolate Massage
  • 15 mins So Yummy Chocolate Facial 
  • 15 mins So Velvety Vanilla Foot treatment 
  • 15 mins So Berry Strawberry Manicure 
  • 15 mins So Berry Strawberry Pedicure   
  • Here’s some more fabulous Spa ideas & activities.You know daughter will love our So Yummy Chocolate Fudge Facial plus a Chocolate Cream Hand Massage whilst their mask is drying. Or let all the girls have A pretty Manicure or Pedicure with So Berry Strawberry Cream to soften their Hands or Feet.  For a real Spa effect give them a So Velevety Vanilla & Coconut Foot Spa treatment. Their feet will feel amazing after soaking in a heated Foot Spa with a Coconut sugar scrub & Vanilla cream.  Or for those with a really super sweet tooth have a Lolly Buffet

Try to have a basic plan even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned. As long as they are having lots of fun that’s all that counts 

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