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Facial Spa Treatments

If your skin just needs some extra pampering or nourishment, Our Mango facial is ideal for Normal/Dry/Sensitive/or Mature skin types. Leaving you with soft, glowing skin. 

But if your skin is slightly oily or have breakouts. Having a Chocolate facial will reduce oiliness and the redness. Leaving you with softer, smoother skin

Mango Re-Hydrating Facial 1.0 hr $85 

  • firstly a double cleanse and gentle scrub
  • followed by a Passionfruit Peel with steamed towel removal
  • then a Apricot Eye Mask with a Mango Facial Mask  
  • enjoy a Pineapple & Orange oil Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • finally a Face Serum, Eye Serum & Moisturiser, then lastly a Scalp Massage

Chocolate Deep Cleansing Facial  1.0 hr $85

  • firstly a double cleanse and a Strawberry Exfoliant
  • followed by a Papaya Peel with steamed towel removal
  • then a Chocolate Facial Mask
  • enjoy a Coconut & Banana oil Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • finally a Face Serum, Eye Serum & Moisturiser, then lastly a Scalp Massage

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Body Spa Treatments

Bacial, Back Massage with Extractions 1.0 hr $85

  • firstly a Orange Pineapple infused oil back massage
  • then a tropical Back Scrub
  • with a Mango & Coconut Back Mask
  • followed by relaxing scalp massage
  • as well as extractions
  • finally a tropical butter cream too

Back Massage & Scrub  1.0 hr $85 

  • firstly a relaxing Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage
  • Caramel Back Scrub 
  • hot towels removal
  • Caramel Butter Cream
  • you can include any of our Massages

Beauty Spa Pamper Packages

Beauty Spa Packages 1.0 hr $85

  • (includes Massage and Facial)
  • starting with a Strawberry Massage
  • also steamed hot towels
  • finishing with a Chocolate Facial
  • lastly a Scalp Massage
  • Booking a Pamper Party include this Beauty Spa Package

Beauty Spa Package 2.0 hrs $170

  • (includes a Back Massage, Back Scrub, Facial & Pedicure)
  • starting with a relaxing Back Massage and Hot Towels
  • next a Tropical Back Scrub with Butter Cream
  • then a Tropical Facial with Peel with a mini Scalp Massage 
  • finish with at pampering Spearmint Pedicure
  • with a Spearmint Foot Scrub & mini Foot Massage 

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