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Back Exfoilation Treatment with Mask 


What is a Back Exfoliation Treatment or Bacial 

  • Its very similar to a Facial Treatment
  • As our back tends to get neglected through winter
  • A Back Exfoliation treatment is just what is needed
  • Ideal if you want a smooth back ready for summer
  • Starting with a double cleansing, exfoliation scrub
  • Then a purifying & deep cleansing mask
  • Any extractions for breakouts
  • A detoxifying massage with essential oils
  • Thinking of getting a Spray Tan
  • Have your Exfoliation Back treatment a day or 2 before
  • Targets bad breakouts on your back
  • Or if you just want a squeaky clean & smooth back

What are the Benefits of our Back Exfoilation Treatment 

  • Starting with our cleanser with Pomegranate
  • Clean out your pores, sweat, oil & dirt
  • Pomegranate also calms redness & irritated skin
  • Next a Exfoliating scrub with Lime & Lemon essentail oils
  • To balance out oily or combination skin types
  • Lime & Lemon has antibacterial properties helping reduce breakouts
  • Hot steamed towel removal
  • Followed by a Spa Mango Mud Clay Mask
  • Deeply cleanses & balances out sensitive & stressed out skin
  • Reduces inflammation & redness
  • Followed by extractions
  • Finishing with a relaxing Lime Oil Massage
  • Massage increases circulation, balances your hormones
  • Regulates the balance of sebum & helps unblocks follicles

Our Pamper Packages with our Back Exfoilation Treatment included

  • We have a great Beauty Packages for Women
  • Includes a Vanilla Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage
  • Choose from any of these options below
  • Chocolate & Vanilla Facial or Citrus Lime Pedicure
  • Mango & Coconut Bacial or Vanilla & Coconut Scrub
  • For Men we have great Massage Packages
  • This includes a Sandalwood Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage
  • Choose from Mango & Coconut Bacial
  • Or a Chocolate & Vanilla Facial
  • Bacial’s are suitable for Teenagers with breakouts

Mobile Back Exfoliation Treatment
Mobile Beauty & Back Exfoliation
Mobile massage Back exfoliation treatment


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