Mobile Beauty Therapist – Injured, stuck in bed or can’t work

mobile beauty therapist

A Mobile Beauty (Doctors)Therapist is an amazing idea for when you recovering from an injury and stuck in bed 

Mobile Beauty Therapists come to you whether you’re in hospital or recovering at home. Boredom, depression and frustration often becomes worse when you’re stuck in bed. Organising a Manicure, Pedicure or Massage can reduce these feelings of stress and boredom.

Just by booking a Beauty or Massage therapist can give you an extra boost. You not only have something nice to look forward. But you feel amazingly better afterwards

Experts say how you look and feel has a large impact on your physical and mental health

Experts stress the huge importance on having a normal everyday routine when you have an injury or lifelong medical condition. Particularly keeping up your beauty routine like nails, hair, face or massage. 

Overcoming a painful procedure can be very traumatic. Seeing their illness often first and foremost and as an individual second.  Just by booking a Beauty Therapist for a Massage, Facial or Manicures for the elderly. Can bring that persons awareness back to more of a normal life.  Says Psychologist experts who specialise in how patients overcome difficult life events. Such as surgery, hospital stays and long term illnesses.

It’s also that human element of touch when a Mobile Beauty Therapist does a Massage or Manicure. It’s well known to reduce anxiety and pain. Especially when recovering from an injury which can be very depressing time of your life. As well as being on pain killers and only being able to watch TV. Which can bring you down very easily. 

mobile beauty therapist

Just by a booking a Mobile Beauty Treatment can give you a jolt of pleasure says Psychologist 

Not being able to go back to work for a period of time. Or suffering from a long-term debilitating health problems. Which means having someone to help you shower or bathe. Is a very difficult and miserable time for most people. But let us give you a little oasis for part of your day. Choose from a relaxing Mobile Swedish Massage or if your really tense we do Deep Tissue or Remedial.

Love your nails being done have indulgent Spa Manicure. Or Gel Polish with a nourishing Collagen hand treatment. Or are your feet dry and cracked our Foot treatments will soften and all that dry skin with a pretty polish at the end.  We even give you tips on how to make your polish stay on longer

If you’re on strong medication this can have a big impact on your skin. Especially dehydrating your skin. Your beauty therapist will personalise the right facial. A soothing and calming facial will leave your face feeling amazingly soft and smooth afterwards. Combined with a scalp massage or Indian Head Massage you’ll feel like you’re in heaven. 

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