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Home Pedicure – dry skin removal my very best tips

Are you ashamed of your feet? Check out my 4 best tips for beautiful feet this summer

  1. Firstly every time you’re in the shower exfoliate your feetIt’s the best time to get rid of dry skin. Then use a good quality moisturising scrub. Or make a DIY scrub. Straight after use a pedi file for the dead skin. 
  2. Secondly if your heels are very calloused. Use a good quality Callous remover. Or try Be Natural Callous Remover I found this is a fantastic product to use. 
  3. Thirdly if you have cracked skin. Use a good quality heel cream. Afterwards leave on overnight with socks. It can really make a difference. Also try Coconut Oil or Be Natural Dry Heel Eliminator
  4. Lastly if you prefer a professional home pedicure. A Mobile pedicure for very dry feet should include a treatment. Like a nourishing Foot Mask or soft Paraffin Wax.




Home Pedicure – dry skin removal which is the best solution for you

Do you have slightly dry feet? Or are your heels hard & calloused? Maybe your suffering with cracked heels.

  1. Now for slightly dry feet, just exfoliate every time your in the shower. Try a moisturising foot scrub for better results. I use CND’s Citrus Moisture Scrub. Alternatively you could make a DIY foot scrub. Then for very dry feet use Salt combined with Oil. Make sure it’s not too oily or lumpy. Afterwards add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. For a gentler scrub for body & feet. Use Sugar combined with Oil
  2. If your heels are dry & hard. Try Be Natural Callus Eliminator. Just soak your feet for about 10 mins. Apply a wet paper towel. Then spread liberally. Use gloves or wash hand straight after. For better results wrap feet in glad wrap. After about 5 mins take off. Then use a pedi file to remove callouses. Dont apply to broken skin 
  3. For your cracked, hard heels. Use your scrub or Callous eliminator. Afterwards apply your heel cream liberally & leave overnight. Then wear a pair of socks for better penetration
  4. If you want a professional home pedicure Brisbane . Our Mobile Pedicure includes a filing & cuticles. With a Citrus Scrub & Citrus Lime Soak. Then a Callous Eliminator or Aloe Vera Peel. As well as a Coconut, Mango Foot Mask or Peach Paraffin Wax Foot Treatment. Lastly a relaxing foot massage with polish

Some treatments you need to be consistent for best results. So get those feet pampered & pretty for summer 

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