Best Home Pedicure Tips for Dry Cracked Heels

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Home Pedicure Tips for Dry Heels 

Best tip is every shower exfoliate your feet, this will rid of the top layer of dead skin 

  • Or make a DIY scrub with a quality Himalayan or Sea Salt
  • Combine with Olive, Coconut or Almond oil to make a smooth paste
  • Straight after use a pedi file or pumice stone to get rid of the bottom layer of dead skin. 
  • If your heels are still very dry, also use a good quality Callous remover.
  • Or try Pro Linc Heel Eliminator
  • This is a great product if consistently used. Wrap a wet paper towel after apply the solution. Then wrap feet in glad wrap.

What can I try for Dry Cracked Heels ?

Still do all our tips above first, for very cracked skin use a good quality heel cream.

  • Try Coconut Oil or Be Natural Dry Heel Elimination.
  • It can really make a difference if you leave a cream on overnight with socks a few times a week 
  • Lastly a professional home pedicure can also give you good results.
  • As well your Therapist can show you how to look after your feet at home.

Mobile Manicure or Pedicure for Seniors

Whats included in

our home Pedicure Treatment?

Choose from Nourishing Foot Mask or Warm Paraffin Mask treatments

    • Starting with clipping nails, filing and shaping
    • Next soaking your feet & cuticle treatment
    • Next Hydrating Foot Mask or Warm Paraffin Mask 
    • Then Pedi file on the feet soles with a Relaxing massage
    • Finally a splash of coloured nail polish
    • Add on a Mani to your Home Pedicure

Or try our Dry Cracked Heel Treatment

Includes soak, scrub, pedi file & mask. Afterwards your feet will feel amazing

      • Firstly clipping nails, filing and shaping
      • Next soaking your feet and cuticle treatment
      • Applying Pro Linc Callous Eliminator for 15 mins
      • Exfoliating and pedi file
      • Finally nourishing Dry Heel Eliminator massage

Mobile home pedi and mani

Tired aching feet what you need is
a Detox Foot Massage 

Soak those poor, neglected feet & afterward a heavenly foot Massage

      • Firstly clipping nails, filing and shaping
      • Next soaking feet in Himalaya Crystal Salts
      • Iconic salts help detox the body 
      • Cuticle treatment and exfoliating 
      • Finally a energising Acupressure Massage
      • Lastly a lovely coloured nail polish

Now do you need an Express

or Indulgent Home Pedi?  

Don’t you just love having a Pedicure but maybe you just want a quick pedi or a longer one with massage

Express Pedi 20 mins 
Ideal if you’re having a Pamper Party or just want a quick home Pedi.
Whats included –

      • Nail filing
      • Cuticle Treatment
      • Nail polish

Basic Pedi 30 mins 
Great if your looking for a regular Pedi or one for a Special Occasion.
Whats included –

      • Trim, filing, cuticle 
      • Quick foot soak
      • Nail polish

Pedicures Gold CoastIndulgent Pedi 60 mins 
This will suit you if you want more Massage or Treatments.
Whats included

        • Trim, filing, cuticles
        • Foot Soak & Foot Scrub
        • Foot Mask or Paraffin Wax Treatment
        • Longer Leg & Foot Massage with Polish 

New Years Mobile Beauty Special

Or if you prefer Gel Polish  

Express Gel Polish Pedi 45 mins 
Ideal if you want a quick drying & longer lasting home Pedicure 

Whats included

      • Nail filing
      • Cuticle Treatment
      • Buffing
      • Nail polish

Indulgent Gel Pedi 60 mins  
This one has a Foot Soak and Massage as well

Whats included

  • Trimming
  • Nail filing
  • Cuticle Treatment 
  • Buffing
  • Nail polish
  • Foot Soak
  • Massage

One of our brands of polish we use is the Beautiful Morgan Taylor Polish. Colours are inspired by gorgeous gemstones. With shiny metallics, shimmers, cremes & sparkling glitters. Plus free of nasty Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP 

mens mobile home pedicure

4 reasons for booking a Men’s Home Pedicure

  1. Firstly a good foot Massage is great way to unwind. Even better certain pressure points on the feet are very relaxing & beneficial to your health 
  2. Secondly having toenails clipped correctly can prevent ingrown toenails. Especially if he has difficulty cutting his toenails
  3. Thirdly if there is foot odour, exfoliation & filing dry skin will improve the condition of your feet. Particularly playing a lot of sport or wears closed shoes all the time
  4. Fourthly this would all be done privately in the comfort of your own home. typically if he’s uncomfortable about going to a salon. Why not add on a Men’s Massage or Facial or Bacial to complete his day 

Common Male Foot problems 

When you have Foot Odour – It’s important to keep your toe nails very clean underneath. As well as exfoliating dead, dry skin. By doing this as a preventive for further foot odour & bacteria

If there is any Ingrown toenails – Cutting nails straight across regularly can help a lot. Also cutting a V shape into the nail will give a quicker result if you already have a ingrown nails

As most men can suffer with dry Callouses or Bunions. By regular soaking & applying a good Callous remover this will get rid of dry, dead skin. Followed by a foot scrub & a foot filing 

If he is very athletic a regular Foot Pedi maintenance will keep his feet healthy.  


What causes stained toenails?

  • Having a Foot Pedicure Treatment can be embarrassing sometimes
  • So first lets find out what are the possible cause of your stained nails
  • The most common orange-yellow stain is from your beloved nail polish
  • Furthermore those dark colours are the worst but there is a solution
  • If you always use a base coat & remove old polish within a few a weeks
  • If it’s a yellowish discolouration its most likely a fungal infection
  • Especially if its lifting or crumbly & has become thickened
  • Also if you have a greenish black stain it could be a bacterial infection
  • Finally if your taking medication a side effect might be a bluish tinge

Simple tips for treating Stained Nails

  • If its a orangish yellowish stain its usually from Nail Polish so always use a base coat
  • Just gently scraping with a metal cuticle pusher can remove the discoloration
  • Also try soaking in lemon juice everyday or a try nail whitening product
  • Furthermore you could just stay polish free for a short period
  • With so much dirt, grime it’s easy to get a yellowish fungal infection
  • Wash your feet & dry thoroughly every night & use a quality foot  powder
  • Furthermore not all fungal products work well
  • You could try soaking in vinegar a few times a day
  • Also if it’s a bacterial infection usually a course of antibiotics can help
  • Furthermore if redness, tenderness, swelling
  • Or nail thickness & nail lifting then see your doctor

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