Quick tips – which type of Mobile Massage

types of Mobile Massage

First 2 important tips if you’re not sure which type of Mobile Massages

  1. You need to base your choice on is it for specific areas of tightness or just an all over massage
  2. Do you like a firm to hard pressure or medium to gentle pressure.

Having a Mobile massage is the most relaxing & calming experience. As you don’t need to worry about rushing there on time or trying to find a park.

Massages ideal for specific areas or firm pressure

4. Remedial Massage focuses on your specific area of pain & can help arthritic & inflammed joints or muscles. 

type of Mobile Massages

5. Trigger Point Therapy uses mainly thumbs by putting pressure on your actual knot & releasing it.

6. Chinese Cupping uses suction Cups. By placing them on your area of pain & leaving them there. The suction brings up your blood to the surface. This helps release the toxic blood to dissolve through your blood & lymphatic system.

7. Deep Tissue is a firm massage for specific areas or all over massage. Using hands or elbows to get right into your tense spots. Just make sure you let the therapist know if its to hard, it should be a firm but a comfortable feeling

For the ultimate Massage try our 2 hrs of Total Bliss Massage Pamper Package 

For a Gentle to Medium pressure try these type of Mobile Massages

7. Swedish or Relaxation is a soothing & calming massage from head to toes

type of Mobile Massages

8. Shiatsu Acupressure Massage is using gentle to medium pressure. By using pressure points with rocking movements. Starting at the top part of the body right down to toes. Unblocking your flow & breaking down toxins. Which can help with physical & health issues by balancing your body flow

9. Indian Head Massage is one of the most blissful massages you will ever have. Indian Head Massages the back, head & face with massage & pressure points, This type of Mobile Massage can help with mental & emotional issues

10. Aromatherapy is using essentials oils from Lime oil for energy, Passionfruit for stress to Rosemary for muscular pain.

Regular Massage is important these days as we are so busy & its a great way to switch off

Not not only is it mentally relaxing by calming your emotions down. It physically helps your body move any harmful toxins

For an indulgent Massage try our Chocolate or Strawberry Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage

Relax & Rebalance

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