Which type of Mobile Massage is right for you

Facial Massage

Types of Mobile Massage

Firm or Gentle – which type of

Mobile Massage is for you?


Remedial Massage can focus on a specific area of pain. Alleviating arthritic & inflamed joints or muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage uses firm pressure for a specific area or allover. Using hands or elbows to get right into your tense spots. 

Trigger Point Therapy is by using thumbs on pressure points of yours knots & releasing it.

Chinese Cupping Massage is suction cups. By placing them on painful area. The suction helps release toxins & loosen tension

type of Mobile Massages

Try these types of Massage for Relaxation


Swedish or Relaxation is a gentle to medium pressure calming type massage

Shiatsu Acupressure Massage uses medium pressure points. Unblocking your flow & breaking down toxins. Which can help with physical & health issues

Indian Head Massage is one the most relaxing massage. Using pressure points and massage on the upper back, head, scalp and face 

Aromatherapy Massage includes essentials oills, Chamomile for stress or Rosemary for tightness.

Which Massage is one of the most popular?

Indian Head Massage is one of the most calming massage you will ever experience. Having your head and scalp massaged always feels so soothing and calming. Putting you in relaxed and happy state

It release all those good hormones. Like Dopamine which kinda makes you high and happy like a drug but only natural. Or Endorphins that totally soothe and relax you. Plus Serotonin which basically leaves you in a good mood like a natural anti-depressant.

Because you’re focusing so much on your beautiful head massage you start to clear your mind. Feeling more peaceful and even a little sleepy. As well as focusing on the upper back, shoulder, neck and head muscles. 

What type of Massage

What are the best benefits?

Indian Head Massage can help with Migraines, Headaches, Insomnia and Stress By focusing on Acupressure points and Massaging upper back areas. Another beneficial Massage for Headaches is Chinese Cupping which also uses Acupressure but with suction cups 

By massaging your scalp therefore increasing oxygen supply to the brain. This is the best way  to decrease your stress levels and reduce anxiety. 

As well as relieving back, shoulder and neck ache. Improves your concentration and memory level. Increases energy levels and improves circulation therefore detoxifying your body.

A Regular Massage is so vital these days

As we are so busy these days and its one of the best ways to switch off. Not only is it mentally relaxing by calming your emotions down. It physically helps your body move any harmful toxins

If you’re feeling emotionally rundown and stressed out then this Massage is for you. Think of it like someone pressing your reset or refresh button. 

For the ultimate blissful Massage try our 2 hrs of Total Bliss Massage Pamper Package

Detox Massage

What is the best type of

Detox Massage?

One of the best type of Detox Massage is a Shiatsu Acupressure Massage. So if you’re feeling stressed & rundown. A good Detox Massage can help you to feel more balanced & relaxed afterwards.

Shiatsu is Acupressure using your fingers and palms. By focusing on specific Acupressure points this Massage can help relieve health issues. Which then reduces your stress levels and muscular aches. Therefore releasing blocked toxins and balancing the body’s energy flow.

A great way to continue your detoxing at home is with a spiky Massage Therapy Ball. Which also can help break down those toxins and muscle knots.

Detox Massage

A Detox Massage may help many health issues 

Firstly Emotional conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, fatigue and headaches. Physical ailments such as Musculoskeletal problems, joint stiffness, muscles ache and arthritis pain .

As well as Digestive disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, inflammation and blockages. Also Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and Menopausual problems.

What type of Massage

So how does Chinese Cupping Massage work?

Basically Chinese Cupping Massage is like Deep Tissue massage. The therapist attaches circular cups by suction. These are place directly on your knotted muscles. The suction from the cups unblock toxins. As well as increase blood flow. 

The cupping effects helps physically release muscle tension. As well relaxes your nervous system. 

What type of Massage benefits

does Cupping help?

Many physical problems can benefit from cupping. Sinus and Hayfever by increasing circulation in nasal passages. Headaches and Migraines by increasing blood supply. Muscle knots by placing cups on knots which brings blood to the surface. Certain typesof massage combined with  cupping like Indian Head Massage will increase the relief of Migraines

Arthritis and rheumatism by placing cups near the joints. This helps release blockages and inflammation.

Digestion problems the sucking pressure of the cups stimulating the insides of the digestion. To Cellulite by stretching the skin tissue and improving the tone. Showing a less dimpled effect

Chinese Cupping can also gives Emotional Release & Detox

Chinese Cupping Massage can help with Emotional releasing. By placing the cups at certain points. Therefore helping release feelings of anxiousness and stress. Leaving you afterwards with a sense of peace. If you want a simple way to relax try mindful meditation

When cupping is performed on your whole body it’s almost like a total Detox. By eliminating toxins and stimulating blood flow to certain parts of the body. So helping your overall body recover. Combine Shiatus Acupressure Massage with Cupping. This will increase your overall Detoxing even better

When you book Chinese Cupping Massage therapists use different types of cupping. Such as plastic, glass, rubber, metal or bamboo. With different sizes use for small and large muscles. 


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