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So how do Massage Therapy Spiky Balls work.

Massage Therapy Spiky Balls or also called Massage Trigger Point Balls. Can bring instant relief to those painful knots or muscles. By either applying pressure to that sore knot. Or massaging right into that tight muscle.

It’s basically a very easy self massaging tool you can use anywhere. All those little spiky points work right into your muscles knots. It’s great for any part of your body. Also perfect for strained neck muscles, tight shoulders or aching back muscles. If you suffer with Migraines or Headaches you would most likely suffer with Massage can always help I you suffer with headaches or tense scalp just use use your massage ball 

What are the best reasons to use a Spiky Massage Ball

  • Its super easy to use anywhere or anytime
  • Try it while watching TV or laying in bed
  • Whilst driving your car
  • Especially if your travel alot
  • Suffering with a headache use it to massage your scalp
  • Perfect for knots in the neck or shoulders
  • Also for upper or lower backache
  • Even use it for those tight calf muscles or aching feet
  • As well as for massaging after your exercising routine
  • Or use it between your regular Mobile Massage  or Chiropractic visits
  • Increases blood circulation which helps ease muscle tension
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    So which Massage Therapy Balls are the best

    You can buy large-sized hard or medium pressure massage balls. These are ideal for those large areas of muscle tension or your larger muscles. Like all over your upper or lower back. Or for your leg muscles

    Or if you prefer try the smaller hard or medium pressure massage balls. There are perfect to target small areas or smaller muscles like neck or shoulder.. Also Massage balls are great for arthritic fingers by holding one your hands and constantly squeezing it. For purchase price on large or small Massage Balls please contact us

    How to use Massage Balls on your muscles 

    • Whilst sitting on your lounge place ball between your back and lounge
    • Then roll it up, down, backwards and forwards
    • Use a little or a lot of pressure as much as you feel comfortable
    • Or place the ball on the floor and roll your feet up and down
  • Try sitting on the carpet and roll your calves muscles on the ball
  • Whilst laying in your bed lay on your ball and just roll it side to side
  • It’s almost like a Deep Tissue Massage
  • Or driving to work just massage your back all over
  • Find out more tips on using your Massage Ball

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