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Teen Skincare
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I know some teenagers found it hard to stick to a Teen Skincare routine daily. Especially if they are a bit on the lazy side. Even more vital if they are active or sporty. Or if there self esteem is very low. A fun idea have Mum and Daughter Spa day at home

It’s important for their self confidence that they look and feel good .  

Important tips on improving your Teen Skincare Routine

  • Do double cleansing gently on the T-Zone area (forehead, nose and chin)
  • Always carry cleansing wipes if playing sport or on hot days
  • Change their Teen Skincare routine in Summer and Winter
  • Never go overboard with cleansing and scrubbing as this can produce more oil
  • Great idea show Teens a basic Facial have a Teen Chocolate Pamper Party
  • Also having a special event coming up know when to book a Facial

Keep it simple a quick cleanse daily. Then a both or either pimple cream and moisturiser. 

If the occasional time they skip the routine,  just a cleansing wipe is fine

What products to use on a daily basis

  • First up a cleanser it should never feel overly dry or not quite clean enough
  • Your cleanser opens your pores so gently massage with circular movements
  • Double cleansing on the T- Zone if where most of your breakouts or oiliness is
  • Secondly your toner which closes your pores 
  • If you need to apply your pimple lotion
  • Thirdly your moisturiser should not feel heavy or drying

Your Teen Facial in this order – Cleanse, scrub or mask, tone, pimple lotion and moisturiser

Make sure their products are actually working or until your find one that works

Teen Skincare
Teen Skincare
Teen Skincare

What products to use on weekly basis 

  • 1 – 3 times a week gently use a scrub after your cleanser
  • This should not leave your skin feeling overly dry
  • 1 or 2 times a week apply your mask after your cleanser
  • Also focus on the inner like a good diet or vitamins
  • Vitex Angus Castus can help acne, hormones, and pimples
  • As well as Zinc is great for acne and breakouts too

Now if your teenager’s skincare routine is not helping their skin. Then it’s a good idea to have have a professional Teen Facial. The therapist will have look at their skin. Also advise them on after homecare 

A Chocolate Facial Mask is very good for Acne and Breakouts

Our Chocolate Teen Facial includes

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