One simple home beauty tip – reduces wrinkles, boosts nail growth

What simple, healthy beauty tip helps wrinkles, firms skin & strengthen nails

A simple beauty tip that does it all a daily dose of Collagen. It helps soften fine lines and strengthen weak nails. As well as thickens hair, reduce bone loss and boosts muscle mass. 

Well re-knowned wholistic plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn says. Results from clinical trials has shown Collagen improves up to 60% moisture and tone of your skin. Go for top quality Collagen supplements with Verisol as the main ingredient.

As we get older you find you start adding serums and night creams. By taking a a daily Collagen supplement you can reduce all these extra beauty treatments

Which Collagen type gives you a glowing skin, nails and hair

Collagen type 1 & 3 is for skin, hair, nails and bones. Minimizes fines lines. Improves dryness, increases elasticity. Slows hair loss and helps correct weak nails. Also helps bone structure and build lean muscle. 

Whereas collagen 2 is for joints and cartilage. Increases protein and collagen for knees, back, jaw and joints

What vital ingredients should be in your Collagen supplement

Verisol should be the main ingredient in your Collagen supplements. Studies show that Verisol can slow the natural process of sagging skin. Which leads to less wrinkles, sagging skin and lack of moisture. 

Also include Hydraulic Acid which helps plumpen up your skin. Add on Biotin for brittle nails and hair loss. Include all 3 ingredients for the best results. Also check out which 3 skincare anti-ageing ingredients give the best results 

You can easily take Collagen in the form of tablets, liquid or powder. By using the powder you can also add it to smoothies, muffins, cereal or coffee.  Best to purchase a flavourless powder

simple home beauty tip

Another great home beauty tip that Beauty Salons use

Is Micro-Needling your skin. It can help increase collagen and thicken your skin. Also soften fine lines and wrinkles. As well as decrease acne scarring.

But you can do it at home easily. By purchasing a  0.5mm – 2.5mm Micro -Needle Roller. With its very fine needles it prickles the top layer of your skin. This helps your moisturisers and serums penetrate deeper into your skin. Up to 10000 more times into the depth of your skin. Which means your skincare product works much more effectively. 

Simple to use 1 – 3 times a week. After moisturiseing roll your Micro-Needler in different direction. Some redness may occur for a short period so do at night. Wonderful for smoothing lines and improving skin texture. Dont use over any redness or infected areas

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How to do a professional Spa Day at home

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Spa Day At Home – basic essentials

  • first set the atmosphere – light scented Candles & some Spa music
  • you – fluffy bathrobe & soft luxurious towels
  • face – Cleanser, Scrub, Mask, Toner, Face Serum, Eye & Facial moisturiser
  • body – Scrub & Body oil or lotion
  • hair – Shampoo & Conditioner or Hair Mask
  • nails – Nail file, Cuticle pusher, Polish remover & Base coat , Nail Colour & Top coat
  • finally have a herbal tea or your favourite Champers ready
  • remember switch off your phone & lock your door
  • then escape to your private retreat

First part of your Spa Day at home

  • is cleansing & treatments
  • first start with a lukewarm shower & full body scrub
  • also cleanse & exfoliate your face 
  • now shampoo your hair & rinse your body 
  • next draw yourself a bath 
  • add to your bath Almond oil or a similar with your favourite essential oils
  • also file your fingernails & toenails
  • next apply your facial mask & hair treatment
  • while your soaking push back your cuticles 
  • probably the best time now have your Tea or Champers & relax

Last part of your Spa Day at Home

  • is Hydrating & Moisturising
  • most of all now sit back relax & totally enjoy the ambience
  • next a quick shower to rinse your hair & face
  • a great skin booster is a face serum & your eye cream. 
  • lastly apply face moisturiser
  • any leave-in hair moisturiser add some to your hair now 
  • this is a good time to prepare a quick but healthy meal
  • lastly your nails, swipe off any oils with nail polish remover 
  • apply your base coat, 2 coats of polish & top coat
  • finally sit back & chill have your delicious meal & watch a great movie

Or we can do it for you

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