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Want to soften fine lines, increase firmness & correct weak nails

This simple beauty tip is just so easy by taking a dose of Collagen each day. It can help all your beauty problems. As well as improve damaged nails. Also thickens your hair, helps bone loss and boosts muscle mass. Wow sounds to good to be true

Well reknowned wholistic plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn says. Results from clinical trials has shown Collagen improves up to 60% moisture and tone of your skin. Opt for top quality Collagen supplements with Verisol as the main ingredient.

If your like me and found as you get older you need to add more serums, night creams and beauty treatments. Also know which ingredients helps anti-ageing. Anything that can make it simpler is big plus in my books


Which Collagen type gives you a glowing skin, nails and hair

Collagen type 1 & 3 is for skin, hair, nails and bones. Minimizes fines lines. Improves dryness, increases elasticity. Slows hair loss and helps correct weak nails. Also helps bone structure and build lean muscle. 

Whereas collagen 2 is for joints and cartilage. Increases protein and collagen for knees, back, jaw and joints

Another simple beauty tip for an extra boost for your skin

Verisol is a very vital ingredient that should be the main ingredient in your Collagen supplements. Studies show that Verisol can slow the natural process of sagging skin. Which leads to less wrinkles, lines, sagging skin and lack of moisture. 

Also include Hydraulic Acid which helps plumpens and softens your skin. Add on Biotin for brittle nails and hair loss. Include all 3 ingredients and you have your whole beauty routine covered from now on. 

With those extra ingredients above you could eventually reduce your face serums and nail creams. But of course its still nice to enjoy every few months having someone pamper you with  a facial or nail treatments

simple beauty tip

Simple ways to add Collagen to everyday recipes 

You can easily take Collagen in the form of tablets, liquid or powder. By using the powder you can also add it to smoothies, muffins, cereal or coffee.  Best to purchase a flavourless powder

As well as Collagen naturally occurs in leafy greens or citrus fruits. Anything with a high concentration of Vitamin C which helps the process of Collagen. Also Zinc and Copper which is high in oysters. Lastly the Amino Acids found in meat, dairy and fish

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