Men’s Mobile Pedicure – 4 good reasons why

mens mobile pedicure

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4 reasons for booking a Man’s Mobile Pedicure.

  1. Firstly a good foot Massage is great way to unwind. Even better certain pressure points on the feet are very relaxing & beneficial to your health 
  2. Secondly having toenails clipped correctly can prevent ingrown toenails. Especially if he has difficulty cutting his toenails
  3. Thirdly if there is foot odour, exfoliation & filing dry skin will improve the condition of your feet. Particularly playing a lot of sport or wears closed shoes all the time
  4. Fourthly this would all be done privately in the comfort of your own home. typically if he’s uncomfortable about going to a salon

Did you know a lot of guys are never shown how to maintain foot grooming

Common Feet problems can be prevented with a regular Mobile Pedicure

When you have Foot Odour – It’s important to keep your toe nails very clean underneath. As well as exfoliating dead, dry skin. By doing this as a preventive for further foot odour & bacteria
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If there is any Ingrown toenails – Cutting nails straight across regularly can help a lot.
Also cutting a V shape into the nail will give a quicker result if you already have a ingrown nails
As most men can suffer with dry Callouses or Bunions. By regular soaking & applying a good Callous remover this will get rid of dry, dead skin. Followed by a foot scrub & a foot filing 

If he is very athletic a regular Foot Pedi maintenance will keep his feet healthy

So now what does a our 60mins Men’s Mobile Pedicure include

  1. Nails clipped, filed, cleaned & cuticle treatment
  2. Warm Sandalwood foot soak
  3. Lime Salt Foot scrub & foot filing
  4. Relaxing Sandalwood oil foot & leg massage
  5. Nails buffed (if chosen)

Why not add on a Men’s Massage or Facial or Bacial to complete his day 

Relax & Rebalance
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