Can Gel Polish Manicure strengthen your nails?

Mobile Gel Polish Manicure

Best tips to strengthen your nails

  1. Never peel or pick off your Gel Polish. As this will weaken and thin out your nails.
  2. If you have weak or peeling nails a regular Gel Manicure can help keep your nails strong.
  3. Always moisturise your cuticles everyday as a Gel Polish Manicure dehydrates your nails.
  4. Don’t leave it on longer then 3 weeks. As you risk nail staining or permanent nail spots
  5. If you regularly have a Gel Polish Manicure let your nails breathe by having a break every 3 or 4 months.
  6. For extra strength ask for Gel Polish Base nail hardener & Gel  Structure Polish 
  7. Here are some simple home tips if your nails are tend to split or break  

How to remove Gel Polish correctly 

  1. You need a a gentle or medium file, coarse file, cuticle stick, Acetone, cotton pads & foil .
  2. First file your nail tip to break the seal with a course file then all over to remove the shine.
  3. Next soak a cotton pad use half for small nails with Acetone.
  4. Wrap a square piece of foil or nail clip securely around your nail.
  5. Continue on one hand wait 10 mins or 15 mins longer for dark colour 
  6. Now pull off very slowly scraping any leftover with a Cuticle stick continue with other hand
  7. Lastly a gently file & don’t forget to moisturise your cuticles and hands.
  8. Want to know which nail colours make your nails look longer or slimmer. Mobile Gel Polish Manicures

Mobile Gel Manicure what’s included 

  • Takes about 40 mins starting with shaping, cuticles & buffing
  • next is a base coat, 2 coats of our Harmony Gel Polish with high shine top coat
  • free of chemical Formaldehyde, Toluene & DBP
  • plus almond oil cuticle treatment Massage
  • dries in 30 seconds under the LED lamp & lasts up to 2 to 3 wks
  • add-on a hydrating  Hand Mask Treatment
  • or try one of our other nourishing hand pamper treatments

Our 1hr Spa Gel Polish Mani’s or Pedi’s 60 mins

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