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How do our Cocktail Infused Pamper Parties work

Firstly its easy just call, text or email us. We service Brisbane & the Logan areas. Secondly we will take down all your information & organise the therapists. For more Massage, Beauty & Nails try our Pamper Parties. Thirdly we do up your schedule & finalise your payment. 

Also you get to take home with you a free Cocktail Facial Mask & Cocktail Tattoos

Our Cocktail Infused Pamper Parties cater for all occasions

So if you’re thinking of a have a Spa Party, Girls Get To Together, Birthday Party, Hen’s Night or Bridal Party our Cocktail Infused Pamper Parties are a fantastic idea. Or for more Beauty try our Pamper Parties Also we have some  fantastic tips for you Best DIY Spa Pamper Party Tips or Best Delicious Spa Cocktails Boozy, Healthy or Mocktails

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Cocktail Infused Pamper Party Treatments

Choose from 4 Cocktail Boozed Fragrant Oils

Mimosa & Pink Apple  A Champagne based Pink Apple Cocktail.  A gorgeous fresh fragrant oil infused with fruity, herbaceous & flowers essences. Notes of Mimosa, Pink Apple, Champagne, Lilly of the Valley, Basil & Jasmine 

Mint Mojito A Rum based Spearmint Cocktail. A sweet citrusy fragrant oil infused with notes of Rum, Spearmint & Lime

Sex on the Beach A Vodka based Tropical Peach Cocktail. A beautiful fruity fragrant oil infused with tropical essences. Notes of Pineapple, Orange, Banana, Peach, Vodka, Coconut & Jasmine 

Strawberry Daiquiri A White Rum based Strawberry Cocktail. A luscious mellow fragrant oil infused with fruity & woody essences. Notes of Strawberry, Orange, Vanilla, Rum & Malt

30 mins Cocktail Infused Massage Treatments $50

Just choose your Cocktail Infused Fragrance

Back Massage Cocktail infused Oil with hot towels
Leg/Foot or Arm/Hand Massage with Cocktail Infused Oil with hot towels
Plus free Cocktail Facial Mask 

30 mins Cocktail Infused Soak &  Scrub Treatments $50 

Just choose your Cocktail Infused Fragrance

Foot Pamper Soak, Cocktail Infused Scrub & Massage
Hand Pamper Soak, Cocktail Infused Scrub & Massage
Plus free Cocktail Facial Mask

Relax & Rebalance

Cocktail Infused Pamper Parties Brisbane

Cocktail Infused Pamper Party Gold Coast

Ph 041 568 1889

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