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Did you know that Chocolate not only smells yummy but is really good for your skin.

Want to know all the great stuff a Chocolate Facial can do for your skin. It’s not only great for us ladies softening our wrinkles and lines. But also fantastic for teenage acne and pimples

  • Chocolate has many anti-aging properties
  • it actually helps reduce physical stress on your face
  • which means it softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • but also reduces acne and breakouts
  • as well as softens and smooths rough skin
  • it protects your skin from sunburn and redness
  • it can also repair any skin damage
  • as well its full of Vitamins A, B, C, D and E
  • which will slough away dead skin
  • leaving you with a healthy glow

Or try our other Mobile Beauty Treatments.  Add a relaxing Massage when you next have your Facial for a totally blissful Pamper Package.

If you’re thinking of having a Pamper Party add on our yummy Chocolate Facial. Having a Teenage birthday, this is such a popular treatment for our Teenage and Kids Pamper Party Packages

mobile beauty treatment
chocolate facial

If you want glowing skin then try our Organic Chocolate Mobile Beauty Treatment 

Including an exfoliating Scrub & Peel. With a nourishing Eye Mask & Chocolate Facial Mask . As well a relaxing a Scalp and upper Back Massage

  • we start you off with double cleansing
  • removing all your eye make-up, dirt and oil
  • then we use our exfoliating Cinnamon scrub
  • afterwards we use a Passionfruit Peel
  • next we apply our organic Chocolate Cocoa Mask
  • then a hydrating Strawberry eye mask treatment
  • a relaxing Back, Shoulder, Neck and Scalp massage
  • (whilst the mask is drying)
  • removal with warm steamed towels
  • lastly a serum, eye cream and moisturiser

It’s a good idea to allow some time before an event when having a Mobile Beauty Facial. In case of a reaction to products or if you suffer with any breakouts. 

Rather do your own Professional Spa Day at home. Just light up some beautiful scented Candles and add some Spa music. Put on your fluffy bathrobe and sip on some bubbly champagne 

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