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As we mature we start to find it more difficult to look after our nails. Particularly  as we age our nails start to thicken and harden. That’s why it’s important  for the  elderly to regularly have a Seniors Manicure & Pedicure. You could try to cut your Mum or Dad nails. Or we make it  easy as we come to you home, Retirements Villages, hospital or Nursing Home.  Parking fees will apply for some Hospitals. 

Surprise a sick or elderly Parent with a our Seniors Manicures & Pedicures

We will tidy up, trim all their nails and massage their hands or feet. If extra time is needed for thickened or curvature of the nails. Or for dry skin or cracked heels. We can add that on or reduce their massage. 

 Senior Manicures & Pedicures Treatments

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Please note some areas require a minimum of 1.5 hr booking or a travel allowance 

Indulgent Manicure 1.0 hr $90

(with or without  polish or treatments) 
Health problems and skin problems can result in thicker nails or discolouration. Manicures for Seniors or the Elderly improves the health of theirs nails & skin.   If you find your Mobile Manicure and Pedicure at home isn’t lasting long how to make your Mani last

  • nail trim, shape, cuticle treatment,
  • steamed towels, massage. coloured polish

Please choose from one of these added on pampering hand treatments   Mask, Warm Paraffin Wax or Collagen Hand Treatment

Indulgent Pedicure 1.0 hr $90

(with or without polish or treatments) 
Seniors often suffer with very dry feet. A  regular pedicure includes a  exfoliating scrub and nourishing for their dryness. As well as a relaxing leg and foot massage helps their circulation. Want to know how to fix stained toenails.

  • nail trim, shaped, cuticle treatment, foot soak
  • leg & foot massage, coloured polish 

Please choose from one of these  foot pampering treatments Scrub, Mask or Warm Paraffin Wax

Mobile Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure Pamper Packages

(Please note for very long finger nails or difficult to cut toenails allow extra time) 

Express Manicure & Pedicure Package 1 hr $90

  • quick nail trim, shape, cuticle treatment
  • foot soak & coloured polish 

Express Mani & Pedi Package with Massage 1.5 hr $140

  • quick nail trim, shape, cuticle treatment
  • foot soak, with hand & foot Massage & coloured polish 

Express Mani, Pedi, Massage & Facial Pamper Package 2 hrs $180

Senior Pedicure Foot Treatments

(Please check as some of our treatments are only available with some of our therapists)

Dry & Cracked Heel Treatment 1 hr $90 

Please note this treatment is only available with some therapists

Do you continuously suffer with both, dry skin and cracked heels. We include Callous and Dry Heel Eliminator or Foot Peel. With a nourishing Foot mask and Pedi filing

  • nail trim, shape, cuticles, foot soak, Callous Eliminator 
  • scrub, pedi file on soles and heels,
  • Dry Heel Eliminator, massage, coloured polish

Detox Acupressure Foot Treatment 1 hr $90

Please note this treatment is only available with some therapists

Do you have aching tired feet suffer with both dry and rough feet. Our Mobile Foot Treatment with Shiatsu Foot Massage helps clear blockages to balance your body. With a Himalaya Salts foot soak absorbed through the feet to release toxins

    • nail trim, shape, cuticles, Himalaya Salts foot soak, 
    • file,  Shiatsu Acupressure foot massage, coloured polish 

Relax & Rebalance  

Seniors Manicures & Pedicures Brisbane

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