Pregnancy Safe – Salon or Mobile Spa Treatments

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Mobile Spa Treatments – your guide for pregnancy safe treatments.

When you book your Mobile Spa Treatments – it’s a good idea to be aware of what’s isn’t or is ok. 

Now most places do cater for Pregnant ladies these days. Which is great considering being pregnant can be quite stressful. So you actually need it more than anyone else

Not only is having a bit of me time essential before your little one arrives.  But also having a Mobile Beauty treatment is perfect, as usually you don’t feel like going out anyway

So basically you should just check with them first if they have pregnancy safe Salon or Mobile Spa Treatments available

What’s not ok to have whilst pregnant

You know anything that raises your temperature. So Saunas, Hot tubs, Steam Rooms and Body Wraps. 

If your thinking of booking a Mobile Pregnancy Massage it’s not always recommended in the first trimester. Also certain essential oils again not a good idea in the first trimester

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Being pregnant can either leave you with glowing skin or unsightly breakouts. So steer clear of Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peels. It’s a good idea before you book your Beauty Treatments to check that their products are safe. Any beauty products ingredients containing (BHA) Beta Hydroxy Acids is also not a good idea

Now if you’re suffering with tired worn out feet and who doesn’t. You probably want to book a good Mobile Foot Spa Treatment with no chemical ingredients. Also includes a nice long foot massage and then finishes it off with a pretty pedi or maniIt’s best to check that their polish don’t have the 3 main toxic chemicals Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde. 

Best Mobile Spa Treatments

Now a good combination is massage with a body scrub spa treatment.  This increases the blood flow and oxygen for you and the baby. Can even can help your stretch marks. Also this will help soften and smooth your skin

For a good massage make sure they know pregnancy massage. You should alway be laying on your side after the first trimester. Let them know if you need a pillow underneath your legs. Now you can have essentials oils. But if you still prefer not too, then a  plain or almond oil is fine. If your suffering with Migraines or Headaches here is the best massage for that

So you’re in need of a facial opt for one that uses natural or organic skin care products. Preferably a nice gentle facial with a good head neck and shoulder massage is ideal. Not sure how long before a special event you should book your beauty treatment

Lastly a good foot massage you can’t go past. You can even add a foot scrub or mask. Then a pretty coloured polish to finish it off. All our Regular Polish and Gel Polish don’t contain the 3 nasty Toxins.

So now’s the time book yourself a beautiful relaxing Mobile Spa Treatment, you deserve it 

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