Best DIY Spa Pamper Party tips

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If you’re looking for amazingly simple DIY Spa Pamper Party tips read on

Having been to many Pamper Parties over the years as a Beauty therapist. Its a perfect way to catch up with friends & eat scrumptious food.

Almost forgot the important part – pampering. Below are Spa Pamper Party tips with easy, luscious DIY Spa products. 

Also simple & delicious Spa themed cocktails too. 

Here is a simple DIY Lip Scrub


Are you organising a Kids Pamper Party use good quality flavouring & colouring from Health Food Stores

Lip Scrub recipes

  • First is Sugar – Granulated or Caster  –  gentler scrub
  • Brown or coconut –  firmer scrub
  • Next is Oil – Coconut, Olive or Almond oil
  • Also Flavour & Colouring optional try Vanilla, Peppermint, Cinnamon or fresh Fruit 
  • Use 2 parts Sugar to 1 part Oil 
  • Store in a small jar  
  • You can cleanse face & scrub lips at the same time then rinse
  • Just use scrub twice a week

Spa Pamper Party tips – have aromatic Candles, Incense or fragrant Flowers 

Try fragrant Foot soaks, relaxing Facials or Pampering Mani or Pedi

Here is an easy DIY Body Scrub

Spa Pamper Party tips Body ScrubFor a good quality salt try Himalaya Salt or Sea Salt 

Body Scrub recipes

  • First is Sugar or Salt – Fine Sugar or Salt – gentle scrub
  • Coarse Sugar or Salt – medium scrub
  • Next is Oil – e.g Coconut or Almond
  • Also add Essential oil e.g. Lemongrass, Ylang Ylang or Lime
  • Use 2 parts Sugar or Salt to 1 part Oil 
  • Finally store in a large jar 
  • Just use scrub once or twice a week

Spa Pamper Party tips – try soothing music like Rainforest or Ocean themes 

Ask the girls to bring along a Bathrobe or nice PJ’s 

Are you ready for delicious Spa themed CocktailSpa Pamper Party tips Spa Cocktails

Also you could try Malibu Cocktails or Champagne Cocktails

Margarita’s (taste best frozen)

  • First Tequila good quality one
  • Triple Sec an Orange flavoured liquor like Cointreau
  • Simple Syrup which is just equal parts of sugar & water
  • Finally the best part the flavour fresh Lime juice, Lemon, Strawberries,Mango, Raspberries, Kiwi & more  

Cosmopolitan (add ice sit for a few mins) 

  • First Vodka Citron gives a much nicer flavour
  • Triple Sec Orange flavoured liquor 
  • Fresh Lime Juice

Spa Pamper Party tips – put fruit & cute umbrellas to decorate your Cocktails

Give everyone small gift bag with a Fragrant Candle & Incense

Want to hire a Pamper Party Service instead

Because you don’t have to supply anything just give us a call. Choose from Massages, Mani’s, Pedi’s, Facials, Scrubs, Hand & Foot Treatments. More Pamper Party Ideas

Even more we can come to your Home, holiday place, workplace or hospitals we come to you. Great idea for Kids Children Spa Pamper Parties

So starting organising & have a amazing Spa Pamper Party 

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Kid’s Party tips – Want to know popular games & activites

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With my great Kid’s Party tips your next children’s party will be so much fun

Racking your brain for new ideas for your child’s birthday party. First up I have included some great Physical games to tire them out. Then after you can sit them down doing some really cool crafts activities. Having been to many Children’s parties over the years doing Kids Pamper Parties. I have watched kids get bored quickly with games or finding a craft activity to hard. So here are some great Kid’s Party tips.

Most important tip always select age appropriate games & activities. Just try to keep it fun & simple depending on the age group. 

They’ll love these super fun physical games   

 Try to have at least 2 or 3 short physical games planned at the start of your party 

Kid's Party tips

Here’s more super cool Kid’s Party Tips for Craft activities 

So always make sure your craft activity is age appropriate especially under 11 yrs keep it very  easy. 

Kid's Party tips

For Girls Parties here’s a nice way to wind down with some Pampering Treatments 

Kids Pamper Parties are becoming so much more popular these days here are our Kid’s Pamper Party PackagesKid's Party tips

  • 15 mins So Yummy Chocolate Massage
  • 15 mins So Yummy Chocolate Facial 
  • 15 mins So Velvety Vanilla Foot treatment 
  • 15 mins So Berry Strawberry Manicure 
  • 15 mins So Berry Strawberry Pedicure   
  • Here’s some more fabulous Spa ideas & activities.You know daughter will love our So Yummy Chocolate Fudge Facial plus a Chocolate Cream Hand Massage whilst their mask is drying. Or let all the girls have A pretty Manicure or Pedicure with So Berry Strawberry Cream to soften their Hands or Feet.  For a real Spa effect give them a So Velevety Vanilla & Coconut Foot Spa treatment. Their feet will feel amazing after soaking in a heated Foot Spa with a Coconut sugar scrub & Vanilla cream.  Or for those with a really super sweet tooth have a Lolly Buffet

Try to have a basic plan even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned. As long as they are having lots of fun that’s all that counts 

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Want to know what’s popular for Kid’s Birthday Party

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Unicorn Face painting with Bling are so popular at Kid’s Birthday Party

Mum’s does your daughter love Unicorns, Rainbows, Princesses & Mermaids with lots of Bling.  KId's Birthday Party Unicorn with BlingThen you must book her Face Painting for your next Kid’s Birthday Party. All her friends will be talking about it for the next month.

It makes me wish my grownup daughter was little again just to have them come to her party.  She so loved Unicorns, Ponies & Rainbows so much

Just contact lovely Lucy & her daughter from Designer Face FX  & they do the most amazing Face Painting. Unicorns, Princesses, Butterflies, Ponies & Rainbows with all that gorgeous Bling.  Plus these beautiful Face & Body Jewels designs & some really super cool Tattoos.

Designer Face FX caters for Expos, Events, Markets & Kid’s Birthday Party

So if you want your precious princess to have a magical birthday. I guarantee she’ll love this idea.

If you really want to make her birthday so special then pamper your little princess as well. Combine it with a Pampering Party & Face Painting & she never forget that birthday

Mum’s we do a the most amazing deal when you combine your Face Painting & Pamper Party 

So much free stuff for 8 girls they receive gorgeous Face Painting plus Arm Tattoos. Plus Free beautiful Bling & Jewels 

Plus  8 x 15 mins Pampering Treatments  Choice of Chocolate Facials or Vanilla Foot Spa or Mani or Pedi’s. Plus free Nail Polish & Nail File Gifts for the guests. Plus free Gift Bag of Beauty for the Birthday GirlKid's Birthday Party Shailer Park

Thats a fantastic deal of almost 4 hrs of entertainment so Mum can sit back & relax a bit

Check out our SoYummy Chocolate Fudge Facial. Or have them relax with our SoVelevety Vanilla & Coconut Heat Foot Spa with Sugar Scrub. Or have their pretty nails painted with sparkly Glitter or Summer bright nail colours & a dusting of pink shimmer. We have some more amazing Kids Birthday Party Spa Idea

Oh & we haven’t forgotten about the boys Designer FX do some amazing Superheros, like Batman or Superman.  Some scary Vampires or even really cute Panda Bears or Tigers plus so much more. Here some really helpful party tips. 

So Mum’s I think this is amazing party idea for your next kid’s birthday party so book soon

Lolly Buffets Delicious Wedding & Kid’s Party idea

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Do you have a sweet tooth, Lolly Buffets are a fantastic Wedding & Kid’s Party idea

At Brisbane Lolly Buffets they caters for all special occasions. Weddings, Kid’s Party, Baby Showers, High Teas, Birthday Parties & Hen’s Parties.

They have a huge range of lollies & chocolates with all your favourites. From yummy pineapples, red frogs & sweet raspberries. To delicious chocolates freckles, dreamy caramels, creamy milk duds & much more

Also lots of extra like Cake Pops, Sugar Cookies, Cupcakes & Macaroons

Want a special Theme or Colour 
Not only is Brisbane Lolly Buffets a fabulous Wedding & Kid’s Party idea.

They will even personalise your chocolates, labels, name cards & thank you notes

Now what do they supply & do on your special occasion 

Lollies & Chocolates of your choice, Lolly Boxes, Lolly bags, Candy Bars, glass Candy Jars, Lolly utensils, Table signage, seasonal Flowers & Tables also Drink Dispencers.

They will set up everything for  your Lolly Buffet depending on your theme or colour leaving you with a beautiful Lolly Buffet display & you can even hire an attendant

Or you can DIY just contact them they will help you out


Another indulgent Wedding & Kid’s Party idea & no not more sweets but a Pamper Party

Why not Pamper your guests with our SoBerry Strawberry or SoYummy Chocolate Massage.  Plus our Citrus Lime Pedi’s. We also have more fun themes for  love our Chocolate or Strawberry or Vanilla themed Spa treatments

Our Mani’s & Pedi’s with Strawberry cream & pink Sparkle Shimmer for Hands or Feet. Or what about our Vanilla & Coconut bubbly Foot Spa with a sugar scrub. Or our yummy Chocolate Fudge Facial with a Chocolate cream Hand Massage. Check out our fun ideas & activities for Kid’s Spa Party ideas

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Kids Spa Party Ideas & Themes

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Kids Spa Parties are very popular these days among the 10 – 15 years old girls.

If your thinking of having a Kids Spa Party here are some great theme ideas. Plus easy spa products recipes the girls will absolutely love.

Kids Foot Spa Party 

Kids Spa Party IdeasGirls love the bubbles and heat when they soak their feet.  So only need a  Foot Spa or large bowls, scrub & moisturiser.  You could start off with a warm foot soak, a nice scrub for their feet & then finish with a soft moisturiser. Their feet will fill so nice & soft plus clean.

They could also make a some beautiful Bath bombs & you can make some really cute shapes like little cupcakes with the different moulds. Try this easy recipe for Bath Bombs

Or if you’re not up to the Foot Soak part we provide a 15 min Vanilla and Coconut Foot Spa Pamper Party Package. This includes a 15 min Foot soak in a Heated Bubbly Foot Spa with a Vanilla and Coconut Scrub then a Vanilla and Coconut Butter Cream for their feet. Lastly a dusting of Blue Sparkle Shimmer on their legs and feet. Also includes Gifts for all the girls.

Kids Spa Party Facials

Kids love Chocolate so just melt some Chocolate and Almond oil and an easy mask for their face. 

You need an inexpensive cleanser, mask &  moisturiser for young skins like Neutrogena & a mask. Some bowlsface cloths or sponges, hand towels or hair bands & brush for mask. Firstly put their hair back & cleanse their face & brush on their mask. Leave on for about 7 to 10 mins you could give each one of them a mini Hand Massage while their waiting. Then wash off & apply moisturiser.

They could also make some yummy Lip Glosses and even decorate the little lip gloss jars with glitter or coloured tape. Try this easy recipe for DIY lip glosses

But if you don’t want to worry about the Facial part we do a Chocolate Fudge Facial Kids Spa Party Package. This includes a 15 min Chocolate Fudge Facial with a Chocolate Cream Hand Massage. Lastly a dusting of Blue body shimmer.

Kids Mani and Pedi Party

All girls love have their nails painted a pretty colour. So just buy a few bright coloursKids Spa Party  & glitters.  Also a nail file, preferably a base coat a quick drying top coat.

Then they could make their very own signature Perfume try oils Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Lime or Jasmine. .  Here is an easy recipe for a Kids Perfume.

If you don’t want to worry about painting their nails we have a Strawberry Manicure & Pedicure Pamper Party Package which includes a 15 min Mani or Pedi with a Strawberry Cream for their hands or feet. Lastly a dusting of Pink body shimmer.

Most of the products you should be able to get from Spotlight

Here’s some more Kid’s Party idea’s & games 

So let’s get ready to pamper your little princess with a Kids Spa Party 

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Looking for a unique Hen’s or Birthday idea? – Host a Psychic Party

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How to plan your

Psychic Party

  • your guests will definately love this Hen’s or Birthday party idea
  • firstly decide on which type of Psychic to hire
  • maybe Tarot Cards, Palm Reading, Astrology 
  • or Angel Cards, Numerology or Medium
  • then the food like Starsign shaped cookies
  • lastly the decorations such as Candles, Dreamcatchers & Crystals
  • for more on Hen’s & Birthday’s Party idea & themes

What type of

Psychic Party

Packages are available 

  • for a Hen’s party idea you might pick a package 
  • starting with a mini reading one on one 
  • then a mini workshop with an insight about Psychic readings
  • lastly how to give a reading to your friends
  • for a Birthday party idea you could pick either 
  • one on one Psychic reading 
  • or a workshop on how to do a psychic reading
  • also ideal are our mini 15 mins Pamper Party treatments 

Here are some great

Psychic themed

food & decor

Birthday Party ideas

  • do savouries or sweets in the shapes of sun, moon & stars
  • or a Halloween theme like Witches, Skulls & Ghosts
  • include aromatic Candles & calming Incense
  • display beautiful Crystals or healing Ston
  • also beautiful crystals & healing Stones
  • also hang some Dreamcathers & Chimes
  • furthermore guests could dress like a Fortune teller, Gypsy or Psychic

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Which one Tarots Cards, Angel Cards or Palmistry?

  • Tarot Cards for simple & straightforward advice 
  • for answers from relationships, health to careers
  • psychics have been using them for 100’s of years
  • you shuffle the cards which are laid out to reveal a message
  • Angel Cards reading is communication with guardians Angels
  • for Angel guidance for a personal insight in your life
  • also any current dark obstacles
  • your Psychic will turn over your Angels cards
  • to answers your questions or concerns
  • Palmistry is reading your lines, fingers & shape of your hand
  • this can be much more personable 
  • revealing your individual personality 
  • also gaining information about family, work, health & more
  • furthermore offering you sneak preview about your future
  • a cute party idea is Manicures after your Palm Readings

Are you more in to

Planets or Numbers? –

Astrology or Numerology 

  • Astrology looks at the relationship & engagement between planets
  • therefore seeing how it effects your past, present & future
  • most importantly is your birthdate, star sign, moon & rising sign
  • offering you insight into why you act the way you are
  • helping you understand strengths & weaknesses
  • Numerology is all about your numbers
  • based on your birthdate mainly
  • giving you a blueprint on your life as your unique birthdate never changes 
  • each number reflects our personality & how we react to opportunities 

Or is it Psychics & Mediums?

  • Psychics or Clairvoyants have the perception to see things beyond
  • so if your want an answer or just wanting guidance
  • they can use their own intuition or sense things in your energy field
  • also receiving information telepathically from your spirit guides
  • sometimes using Cards, Jewellry or Crystal Balls
  • Mediums can communicate messages from passed over family or friends
  • the Medium might tell what your loved one would like to say to you
  • or how they passed away
  • did you know Psychics are very popular at Pamper Parties


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