Undecided – best Mobile Spa Gift Certificates

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Mobile Spa Gift Certificates – I show you popular ones to suit everyone

We all want to pick the best present. Especially for that family member who’s hard to please. Or someone who has everything. Also you can choose what you think they would like. As well you can keep it blank for them to choose

Mobile Spa Gift Certificates are one of the most versatile & popular presents  

For Pregnant women, Gym junkies & anyone Stressed out 

Firstly Massage – Pregnant women always appreciate a soothing Massage. You could combine that with a body scrub. Afterwards they will feel relaxed & their skin will feel nice & smooth

For someone trying to keep fit, usually have strained & tight muscles. So why not give them a deep tissue massage. Basically for anyone who’s rundown & tired. A nice relaxing Mobile Massage will be always be appreciated [CBOX_PRO id=13349]

For Mature or Elderly women & young Teenagers

Secondly Facials – Most mature or elderly women love having their face pampered. From a soothing head massage to a beautiful skin treatment. So afterwards they feel great & their skin feels soft. Finish that off with a beautiful Manicure or Pedicure 

Now if you have a teenager a Facial is great idea. Also the Beauty therapist will show them how to look after their skin properly. Especially if they have any type of skin problem

For first time Mums, career Gals or busy Mums

Thirdly Manicures, Pedicures & Gel Polish – First time Mums love the idea of a Gel Polish Manicure or Pedicure. Especially if their baby needs feeding whilst getting their nails done. No problem it dries in 30 secs.

For that ambitious career gal all work & no play. She love the idea of relaxing at home & whilst being pampered with Mobile Manicure 

Most busy Mums doing their nails is the last thing on their minds. So it’s so nice for them to have some alone time. Whilst have their hands or feet done. As well add on a nice calming Massage

A Mobile Spa Gift Certificate something for everyone

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Xmas Spa Gifts – everyone’s perfect gift

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Our Xmas Spa Gifts Guide – a perfect present for everyone  

Are you struggling to find that perfect gift We’ve all been there before. Are you running out of time? Or do you just have no time?

Our Xmas Spa Gifts are the perfect holiday present.

Such as the friend who has everything. As well as the husband, that’s hard to choose for. If your pushed for time. Just purchase a Gift Certificate. Or why not just shout yourself a Xmas present

Here is our 4 most popular Xmas Spa Pamper Treatments

  1. Strawberry Massage with free Pink Strawberry Champagne
  2. Citrus Lime Spa Pedicure with Coconut & Mango Mask[CBOX_PRO id=13186]
  3. Gel Polish Spa Manicure with Cinnamon Massage
  4. Dessert Infused Raspberry & Lime Trifle Back Massage & Foot Soak with Scrub

Our Xmas Spa Gifts Preview – what you get  

Why not try our totally indulgent Strawberry Massage includes a full body massage. From top to toe including a hot towels. Furthermore our SoBerry Strawberry oil is full of antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. Followed by a Strawberry body butter cream. Afterwards relax & sip on your free Strawberry Champagne  

For those poor tired feet try our Citrus Lime Pedicure. Includes filing & cuticle treatment. Then a relaxing Citrus soak & scrub. Followed by a nourishing Coconut & Mango foot mask. Now for the favourite part a soothing Lime foot massage. Lastly a pretty polish application

If your time poor then Gel Polish is for you. With its amazing 30 seconds dry time. As well as being fadeproof & smudgeproof. Including filing, cuticles & buffing. Then application of polish under the Led lamp. It  takes a little longer than regular polish. But it should last you 2- 3 weeks. Lastly a Cinnamon oil hand massage

Firstly if you love your Desserts this is for you. Inspired from a Raspberry & Lime trifle its smells delicious. With added notes of sweet Strawberry & Vanilla. Secondly you’ll love your calming back massage with hot towels. Then lastly a soothing foot soak & scrub

So Merry Xmas shopping


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How to do a professional Spa Day at home

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Spa Day At Home – basic essentials

  • first set the atmosphere – light scented Candles & some Spa music
  • you – fluffy bathrobe & soft luxurious towels
  • face – Cleanser, Scrub, Mask, Toner, Face Serum, Eye & Facial moisturiser
  • body – Scrub & Body oil or lotion
  • hair – Shampoo & Conditioner or Hair Mask
  • nails – Nail file, Cuticle pusher, Polish remover & Base coat , Nail Colour & Top coat
  • finally have a herbal tea or your favourite Champers ready
  • remember switch off your phone & lock your door
  • then escape to your private retreat

First part of your Spa Day at home

  • is cleansing & treatments
  • first start with a lukewarm shower & full body scrub
  • also cleanse & exfoliate your face 
  • now shampoo your hair & rinse your body 
  • next draw yourself a bath 
  • add to your bath Almond oil or a similar with your favourite essential oils
  • also file your fingernails & toenails
  • next apply your facial mask & hair treatment
  • while your soaking push back your cuticles 
  • probably the best time now have your Tea or Champers & relax

Last part of your Spa Day at Home

  • is Hydrating & Moisturising
  • most of all now sit back relax & totally enjoy the ambience
  • next a quick shower to rinse your hair & face
  • a great skin booster is a face serum & your eye cream. 
  • lastly apply face moisturiser
  • any leave-in hair moisturiser add some to your hair now 
  • this is a good time to prepare a quick but healthy meal
  • lastly your nails, swipe off any oils with nail polish remover 
  • apply your base coat, 2 coats of polish & top coat
  • finally sit back & chill have your delicious meal & watch a great movie

Or we can do it for you

[CBOX_PRO id=11439]  

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Top Beauty Tip – Always use these 3 Anti-Aging products?

Want to know the best Anti-Aging beauty tip its these 3 products

First up is Retinal A which is a form of Vitamin A which plumps up and smooths out your skin surfaceAlso firms & tightens up your skin. As well as helps with pigmentation to whiten and brighten your skin.

Secondly is Glycolic (Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHA) its a natural derivative from sugar caneSo it softens & smooths out fine lines & wrinkles.  Also scrubs off those dead skin cells for a fresh new glow 

Lastly is  Vitamin C protects your skin from all those nasties out there. Like sunlight, air pollution & unhealthy food. Also minimises scars & fine lines

Here are all those amazing Anti- Aging benefits 

Retinol Vitamin A stimulates new skin and furthermore decreases the ageing process. Whilst promoting healthy growth of those new skin cells

Glycolic Acid AHA is a great skin scrub so it gives you a smoother & brighter appearance. Helps your skin look more fresher

Vitamin C protects your skin from most of those nasty elements. As well as repairs any damage to your skin[

Our Mobile Beauty Facial uses all 3 Anti-Aging ingredients

First up we give you a double cleansing with a gentle cleansing gel which soothes and calms the skin. Removing all makeup, dirt, grime and oil.  Then we exfoliate your skin with a Glycolic Scrub to buff and polish your skin. try our Raspberry & Desert Lime  Anti-Aging Beauty treatment 

  • it soothes & calms your skin
  • helps uneven pigmentation, freckles & sun spots
  • reduces small imperfections
  • brightens your skin tone up
  • hydrates & nourishes your skin
  • protects your skin from premature ageing
  • furthermore renews your skin for a more youthful appearances
  • its basically a great skin booster
  • did you know Raspberries are full of Vitamin C
  • what our Mobile Beauty facial treatment includes is
  • start with a double cleansing
  • we apply our Raspberry & Desert Lime Anti – Aging Mask
  • then a head, shoulder & Facial Massage
  • followed by a steamed towel removal
  • lastly Serum & Eye Cream & Moisturiser
  • for Normal/Dry/Mature skin types
  • great idea for a Mobile Beauty Pamper Party [/ezcol_1third_end][CBOX_PRO id=11236]


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