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1. Emotional Health – When you feel great you pretty much can do anything.

Scientific facts state self-care can reduce mental & physical health issues. So But most important it’s how you react to things in your life. It’s sometimes the little things that make you feel good.

Pamper Tip 1 #

An excellent Massage for all that pent-up emotions is a Indian Head Massage or a Facial Treatment. Any type of Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage is an excellent relief from emotional stress. Some confidence building tips below

  • Quit making comparisons think about all the best things you do & that of others you’re comparing.
  • Pyshc yourself up for the worst “what if”. Actually think of the worst things that might happen and plan what you might do
  • Fake it yes just take a deep breath, stand straight and smile. You might actually feel even better than you thought
  • Meditation, but a quick easy one is Mindful Meditation. No making your mind go blank just focusing on the present moment.

2. Physical Health with Pampering- The best move you can make is to find an exercise you actually like

It’s a well know fact if you feel physically good. You eat better, sleep better and feel better. It’s such a great feeling when you know you stuck to your exercise routine all week. 

Pamper Tip 2 #

Don’t forget those aching muscles will need a good Massage like Deep Tissue or Remedial Massage. Or give those poor feet a pampering Pedicure

  • You know when your overworked or overstressed your body knows it.
  • Yes medication might be a quick fix. help. But physical exercise helps in the long run.
  • Always ease into it and make it a set time or day each week. Don’t worry if you miss a day
  • Don’t forget to loosen up tight muscles to regain energy. By doing lots of stretching and regular Massage

Pamper yourself
Pamper yourself
pamper yourself

3. Physical Appearance with Pampering  – The only opinion that counts is yours

The best self-care is to pamper yourself from time to time. Being Beautiful isn’t always about how you look but how you feel. Everyone these days loves a pretty Manicure. Just perfect to complete that amazing feeling of going out & looking great.

Pamper Tip 3 #

At least once a month do a Pamper treatment. Whether its Massage, Facial or Nails 

  • Like a Spa day at home. Put your mobile on silent, then light some candles . Get your Spa things ready & sit back with some relaxing music
  • Or call the girls up & organise a day or weekend to get together. Book yourself a Pamper Party or try a Cocktail Infused Pamper Party It’s a fantastic idea as you don’t need to supply anything
  • If you feel like there’s a little something you’d like to fix, then pamper yourself. Dry Heels then book a Foot Treatment. Or Pedicure to go with those new strappy sandals. 
  • Buy yourself that a beautiful new lipstick colour. Or have a free Makeup makeover at one of the department stores. 

4. Digestive Health – A Healthy gut is the key to overall health 

I know how important a healthy digestive system is. Suffering myself from Crohns disease (inflammation of the intestines) for many years. It definitely has effected me physically as well as emotionally. As long as you eat the majority of the time healthy. Then your stomach will thank you as you age.

Pamper Tip 4 #

If your digestion is feeling sluggish try a Shiatus Detox or Chinese Cupping Massage. They can help clear any blockages you might have. 

  • By maintaining your stress levels and physical exercise. If you do have a bad diet day you will bounce back a lot quicker.
  • Instead of overindulging the next few days. You will get back on track a lot quicker.
  • Like feeling great about eating Strawberries last night instead of that cheesecake.  Or sticking to your exercise routine all week.

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