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 Mobile Massage with Vanilla  

The benefits of our Velvety Vanilla Mobile Massage

  • Aromatic: Smells heavenly being extracted from the Vanilla Bean
  • Calming: Soothing & relaxing effect of Vanilla calms nerves, stress & worry
  • Tranquilising: Helps you get a good nights sleep, due to the sedative & sedVanilla & Coconut Mobile Massage Spa Packageuctive properties of the oil
  • Anti-Depressant: You lick a Vanilla ice ream, eat a Vanilla Custard tart or sip a Vanilla milkshake & suddenly you feel happier that’s Vanilla’s powerful aroma
  • Aphrodisiac: Its oil stimulates certain hormones, which promotes sexual arousal
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Helps relieves inflammation, allergies & infection. Also helps reduce fevers which can lead to infection
  • Anti-Oxidant: Protects cell damage  protects from wear & tear. 

You’ll love our Vanilla Mobile Massage & Beauty Packages 

Vanilla & Chamomile Swedish Mobile Massage

  • Starting with a relaxing Swedish Massage
  • Combining a calming blend of Chamomile & Vanilla oils
  • For general relaxation & blood circulation
  • Loosens tight muscles
  • After Steamed warm towels
  • Swedish Massage is for anyone overly stressed & tired
  • Finishing with a soothing scalp massage

Vanilla & Coconut Massage & Scrub 

  • Starting with a Deep Tissue
  • Or Relaxation Vanilla & Almond oil Massage
  • Reduces tight, tense muscles & knots.
  • Then a scrumptious Coconut & Vanilla scrub exfoliating dead skin cells
  • Finishing a luscious Vanilla & Coconut body butter leaving your skin silky soft

Vanilla & Chocolate Mobile Facial 

  • Starting with a cleanse & exfoliation
  • Then a Chocolate & Vanilla Fudge Facial
  • Chocolate has the highest content of antioxidants
  • Combined with calming Vanilla oil
  • Next a Scalp, neck & shoulder massage
  • Steamed hot towels 
  • Finishing with a Face Serum, Eye Serum & moisturizer


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