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The Benefits of our Chocolate Fudge Facial 

  • Chocolate is actually very beneficial for your skin
  • With Cocoa being the highest anti-oxidant concentrate
  • More than that of Red Wine or Green Tea
  • Making it the highest known source of anti-oxidant in the world
  • Pure Cocoa hydrates & regenerates your skin
  • Our mask also includes Vanilla & Apricot oils increasing collagen production
  • Also Vitamin A, C & E repairs & heal
  • But the best thing of all is it smells so much likes Chocolate you’ll want to eat it
  • You’ll also love our Raspberry & Desert Lime Rehydrating Facial


Try our Chocolate Mask Treatment 

Chocolate Fudge Beauty Treatment

  • Our Chocolate & Vanilla Anti-Oxidant Facial includes
  • Starting with a Pomangerate Cleanser to remove dirt & grime 
  • Exfoliating with a Cinnamon scrub to remove impurities
  • Removal with warm steamed towels
  • Applying our Wicked Chocolate Mask
  • Then a relaxing Scalp massage (whilst the mask is drying)
  • Removal with warm steamed towels
  • Closing your pores with a Orange Toner
  • Applying our Anti-oxidant & Anti-ageing Serum
  • Finish with a Pomangerate Hydrating moisturiser


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