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Lime Oil Massage


Why a Lime oil Massage here is the top 3 reasons why

  1. Helps stiff muscles & arthritic joints
  2. Physically uplifting & re-energising
  3. Mentally helps depression or just feeling blue

Lime is a beautiful uplifting citrusy smelling oil. Which can help you mentally & physically. As well a Lime Oil Massage is beneficial for all types of skin, especially oily congested skin

  • Re-energising for painful muscles & joints
  • Restorative energy for tired body 
  • Tonic can lift depression

Try our Deep Tissue Lime Massage or Citrus Lime Pedicure

Choose from Deep Tissue or Relaxation Lime oil Massage. Or a Citrusy Lime Soak & Scrub Pedicure

  • Firstly a Deep Tissue Massage combined with Lime oil will help loosen stiff muscles & joints. Which increases blood circulation & energy levels
  • Secondly if you feeling mentally as well as physically rundown. The beneficial Lime oil properties helping to re-energise & uplift you

Lime Oil Massage
Lime Oil Massage
Lime Oil Massage

  • Thirdly a Citrusy Lime Foot soak feels fantastic. With a Lime sugar scrub exfoliating dry dead skin. But leaving your skin feeling silky & soft
  • Lastly a soothing Lime oil massage for your foot finishing with beautiful polished toes 

Our Dessert Inspired Lime & Raspberry Trifle Massages with Foot Soak & Scrub

Our new indulgent Dessert infused oils include luscious Lemon Meringue, Creamy Carmel or delicious Blueberry Cheesecake yummy 

  • Another great Lime massage is our heavenly smelling Lime & Raspberry Trifle Infused massage
  • Either Back shoulders & neck. Or Legs & feet or Arms & hands. This delicious smelling fragrance will leave you feeling very relaxed.
  • Afterwards you could have Lime & Raspberry Trifle Foot soak with Foot scrub. Your feet will thank you
  • As well as our other new Cocktail Inspired Fragrant Body Massage & Foot Pamper. If you love cocktails you will love these. From a refreshing Mint Mojito, Sex on the Beach with Peach snaps, Mimosa & Pink Apple to a sweet Strawberry daiquiri
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