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Not sure how long before an event

to book your Beauty Treatment


What you should know about

Beauty Treatments

before special events

  • Having a Beauty Treatment a few days before is a good idea
  • mainly if you have a allergy
  • or if your sensitive & have had a reaction before
  • also if you have alot of breakouts
  • always let the Beauty therapist know about your allergy
  • furthermore if you happen to get a rash or redness
  • or more breakouts, your skin will have time to settle down
  • but if your skin is generally ok its a great idea on the day
  • our 15 mins/30 mins Facial Pamper Party treatments 
  • for Birthday’s, Hen’s Parties, Bridal Showers
  • Spa Parties & Baby Showers are the perfect party idea

So why is a Beauty Treatment

before an event a good idea

  • if you suffer with alot of breakouts
  • a Facial can actually decrease your breakouts
  • by deep cleansing & unclogging your pores
  • our organic Chocolate mask is a excellent detox treatment
  • if your skin is looking tired & pale
  • a Facial will give you that nice soft glow
  • by using a polish to exfoliate dull skin cells
  • our Strawberry polish will leave your skin softer
  • all our a Facials combine a soothing head & face massage
  • that’s the best things if your skin is looking stressed & rundown 

Here’s why our Raspberry Beauty

Treatment is ideal for all skins

  • Our Raspberry & Desert Lime Facial restores the balance of your skin
  • also ideal if your skin is dry as it rehydrates your skin
  • or if you have a few fine lines or wrinkles
  • brightens & improves your skin colour
  • replumps your skin leaving you with more youthful appearance
  • you’ll love the sweet aroma of Raspberries
  • also Vitamin B, Desert Lime & Plum extract
  • we also have more Mobile Beauty Treatments available                      
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