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Lime Oil Massage

Top 3 reasons to try a Lime oil Massage

A Tonic for a tired body, helps stiff muscles & arthritic joints, physically uplifting & re-energising, mentally helps depression or just feeling blue. Lime is a beautiful uplifting citrusy smelling oil. Which can help you mentally & physically.

Massage Therapy

Which Massage Therapy for headaches and migraines

If your suffering with Headaches or Migraines how does Massage Therapy help. Indian Head Massage Therapy is ideal if your feeling emotionally rundown. Massaging your upper back & head with Acupressure points. Or Shiatsu Acupressure is ideal if your...

Best Indian Head Massage in Brisbane

Best Indian Head Massage Brisbane

Why you'll love the best Indian Head Massage Brisbane. Did you know the most blissfully & de-stressing massage is a scalp Massage. Its reduces Headaches & Migraines, Stress, Depression & Insomnia. We focus on your upper back, shoulder, neck...

Mobile Massage Brisbane

Our popular Indian Head Massage Package

Why is our Indian Head Massage Package so popular - Its ideal if your feeling emotionally run down & overly stressed out. Its like someone pressing your ‘reset or refresh’ button. We use a calming & relaxing blend of...