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Easy home tips for home and the best nail spa treatments for stronger, healthier nails

A Nail Spa treatment can show you lots of great tips on how to look after your nails. Did you know that how you file your nails can help keep your nails stronger

But if you’ re still having problems with split and peeling nails. Book yourself a Salon or Mobile Manicure . For weak and fragile nails try  Gel Polish Manicure 

Simple Nail Strengthening Tips you can do everyday 

  • Always file your nails in one direction only 
  • Keep your nails oval-shaped, then you have less chance of them splitting
  • Never ever use your nails to pick at anything
  • Having a shower now’s the time to push your cuticles back
  • If you can try not to have your hands in water too much and dry your hands well 
  • Watching TV get in a routine to moisturise your hands and cuticles daily
  • Otherwise dry cuticles lead to peeling, brittle and split nails
  • But a poor diet or bad working conditions can contribute to weak nails
  • Also check your nails for spots as this indicate health problems 

Why a Salon or Mobile Manicure will help improve the health of your nails

  • We shaping your nails the correct way
  • Clean up and tidy your cuticles 
  • Apply a good nourishing hand treatment to soften your hands
  • Afterwards a hydrating arm and hand Massage, followed by polish
  • For very weak nails a Gel Polish Mobile Manicure will have added benefits
  • After shaping, cuticles pushed back and buffing
  • We use a Vitamin Strengthening Base Coat to repair the nails
  • Also we add a Structure Gel improve the strength on the nails
  • Followed by Polish and a nourishing cuticle almond oil

Of course don’t forget about those poor tired feet or cracked heels. Add on a Pedicure or Foot Treatment. 

All our Regular and Gel Nail Polishes a free of the 3 harsh chemicals Toluene, Formaldehyde & DPP

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