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How to do the easiest form of Meditation  

Ist the way to relax is Meditation but if you found it very hard, like trying to make your mind go totally blank or concentrating hard on one positive thought. You will definitely found Mindful Meditation very simple and easy, it’s basically about living in the moment and not thinking about the past or the future. If your having a Massage & doing Mindful Meditation will give the much better results fro your Massage. It help’s you with stress, dieting, exercise and just about anything you are doing. 

  • Whilst having a Massage focus on the feeling, the pressure & how your body reacts
  • In the shower focus on the sensation of the water flowing down your body,  theMassage and Meditation Relax & Rebalancefragrance of your soapand your scalp when you’re shampooing your hair
  • Next time your eating your dinner focus on the smell, the taste,  how it feels in your mouth when you’re chewing and then as its goes down your throat
  • Sitting in traffic again how about focusing on the cars around you, their colour, make & model and the details of the houses and buildings as you drive by

What is the best type of Massage for you 

2nd way is Massage of course but these days there are so many different types of Massage so which do you choose. It’s really whats would suit your needs or maybe you would like to try something different. If you’re not sure just contact us at Relax & Rebalance we can discuss which massage is right one for youMobile Massage Gold Coast & Brisbane

  • Relaxation  Massage  – Uses gentle pressure whilst focusing on your tight & tense muscles
  • Deep Tissue Massage  – Uses firm pressure, whilst focusing on your stiff joints and tight muscles
  • Remedial Massage – Focuses more on certain areas of chronic tightness with stretching & strengthening combined with Chinese Cupping & Trigger Point therapy  relieving pressure points
  • Indian Head Massage – Focuses on relieving emotional & stressful  issues whilst massaging upper back, neck , tense scalp & head
  • Shiatsu Massage – Focuses on detoxifying physical & health issues whilst massaging acupressure points 
  • Men’s Massage – Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage with Energising Lime  Mobile Beauty Massage & Body Scrub
  • Pregnancy Massage  Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage with Calming Lavender
  • Strawberry Massage – Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage with Antioxidant Sweet Strawberry oil
  • Chocolate Massage – Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage with antioxidant Chocolate Cocoa oil
  • Vanilla & Coconut Massage  –  Back Scrub & Back Massage
  • Citrus Lime & Lemon Massage Pamper Package – back Massage, back scrub, foot & leg massage, foot scrub, head massage & hair treatment

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