Kids Spa Party Ideas & Themes

Kids Spa Party
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Kids Spa Parties are very popular these days among the 10 – 15 years old girls.

If your thinking of having a Kids Spa Party here are some great theme ideas. Plus easy spa products recipes the girls will absolutely love.

Kids Foot Spa Party 

Kids Spa Party IdeasGirls love the bubbles and heat when they soak their feet.  So only need a  Foot Spa or large bowls, scrub & moisturiser.  You could start off with a warm foot soak, a nice scrub for their feet & then finish with a soft moisturiser. Their feet will fill so nice & soft plus clean.

They could also make a some beautiful Bath bombs & you can make some really cute shapes like little cupcakes with the different moulds. Try this easy recipe for Bath Bombs

Or if you’re not up to the Foot Soak part we provide a 15 min Vanilla and Coconut Foot Spa Pamper Party Package. This includes a 15 min Foot soak in a Heated Bubbly Foot Spa with a Vanilla and Coconut Scrub then a Vanilla and Coconut Butter Cream for their feet. Lastly a dusting of Blue Sparkle Shimmer on their legs and feet. Also includes Gifts for all the girls.

Kids Spa Party Facials

Kids love Chocolate so just melt some Chocolate and Almond oil and an easy mask for their face. 

You need an inexpensive cleanser, mask &  moisturiser for young skins like Neutrogena & a mask. Some bowlsface cloths or sponges, hand towels or hair bands & brush for mask. Firstly put their hair back & cleanse their face & brush on their mask. Leave on for about 7 to 10 mins you could give each one of them a mini Hand Massage while their waiting. Then wash off & apply moisturiser.

They could also make some yummy Lip Glosses and even decorate the little lip gloss jars with glitter or coloured tape. Try this easy recipe for DIY lip glosses

But if you don’t want to worry about the Facial part we do a Chocolate Fudge Facial Kids Spa Party Package. This includes a 15 min Chocolate Fudge Facial with a Chocolate Cream Hand Massage. Lastly a dusting of Blue body shimmer.

Kids Mani and Pedi Party

All girls love have their nails painted a pretty colour. So just buy a few bright coloursKids Spa Party  & glitters.  Also a nail file, preferably a base coat a quick drying top coat.

Then they could make their very own signature Perfume try oils Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Lime or Jasmine. .  Here is an easy recipe for a Kids Perfume.

If you don’t want to worry about painting their nails we have a Strawberry Manicure & Pedicure Pamper Party Package which includes a 15 min Mani or Pedi with a Strawberry Cream for their hands or feet. Lastly a dusting of Pink body shimmer.

Most of the products you should be able to get from Spotlight

Here’s some more Kid’s Party idea’s & games 

So let’s get ready to pamper your little princess with a Kids Spa Party 

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