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You’ll love our Indian Head Massage Package

includes our Banana Hair Treatment


What are the benefits of our Indian Head Massage Package 

  • Our Indian Head Massage Package focuses on upper back, neck & head 
  • These area’s if not treated can lead to headaches, migraines or backache
  • By focusing on the upper areas of your back & head 
  • These areas massaged will relieve stress, sleeplessness & insomnia 
  • Thus clearing your mind giving you a calming sense of peace
  • Massaging your scalp increase oxygen supply to the brain
  • This is the best way to reduce anxiety & immediately lifting your mood
  • Sometimes we have short-term memory lose when overloaded with thoughts
  • At the end of this Massage, thoughts quieten, your mind slows done & brings us to the present moment
  • We also offer several types of other Mobile Massage Packages

Why is our Indian Head Massage Package so popular

  • Its ideal if your feeling emotionally run down & overly stressed out
  • Its like someone pressing your ‘reset or refresh’ button.
  • We use a calming & relaxing blend of Passionfruit & Almond oils
  • Massaging your upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp & face
  • Applying pressure points to release muscles &  knots
  • Certain pressure points can help balance & increase energy levels
  • We add a nourishing Banana Cream hair treatment to your hair
  • By massaging the scalp thus promotes hair growth
  • It’s a one way ticket to long, luscious locks!
  • Afterwards you will feel totally refreshed & relaxed & a sense of peace
  • If your feeling physical rundown try our Shiastu Acupressure Detox Massage Package with Acupressure Foot Massage & Scrub
Indian Head Massage Package
Indian Head Massage Package Brisbane

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Indian Head Massage Package Brisbane
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