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Weak Nails – simple things you can do now

Would you believe women suffer with weak nails more than men. It’s so unfair right, since we  love long, beautiful nails.

So below are simple tips based on either internal or external causes 

Firstly internal could be a vitamin deficiency if you have weak nails 

Just try 1 or 2 vitamins for a month to see any change

  • (top tip 1#) first a really good vitamin is Biotin
  • also try Vitamin B, C Iron & Zinc
  • also another one is good one is Magnesium 
  • as well as Collagen & Protein 

Secondly internal could also be a medical condition or nail damage

Here are basic nail discolorations that’s quite common

  • white spots could be just a bumped nail
  • yellow discolouration usually is dark polishes used without a base coat
  • green, black or brownish spots could be fungal
  • but any unusual discolouration check with your doctor


Thirdly external can be work environment & daily routine

Try these general everyday tips into your routine

  • dry, brittle nails needs more moisturising
  • very dry hands apply a rich cream & wear gloves overnight 
  • (top tip 2#) soft, peeling nails, avoid wetting hands too much
  • using harsh chemical always wear gloves 
  • don’t pick at things with your nails
  • easiest to push cuticles back whilst in the shower 
  • file nails in one direction
  • don’t ever peel your Gel Polish weakens your nails 

A regular Manicure will maintain healthy nails

Give yourself a Manicure once a month

  • (top tip 3#) you must moisturise cuticles twice a day
  • why not treat yourself to our Mobile Manicure
  • or pamper your feet with a Mobile Pedicure
  • includes a soft Milky Almond hand soak
  • with a Cinnamon scrub to soften hands
  • also Cinnamon Almond oil Massage 
  • add a nourishing warm Mango Paraffin wax treatment
  • or a hydrating Mango Coconut hand mask
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