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About Pamper Parties

What are some ideas for Mobile Beauty Parties ?

Pamper Parties are the perfect idea for Bridal Shower’s, Hen’s Party or Weekend Pamper Packages.

Do you have some tips for Mobile Beauty Parties ?
  • Give everyone a deadline on choosing their treatment
  • Everyone should arrive 30 mins before your party
  • For a Spa effect – lighted Candles & fresh flowers floating in bowl of water
  • Want more tips & idea for Pamper Parties 

Our Areas & Hours

What areas do you come too?
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
Do you charge Travel Allowance?

Yes some areas require a small travel allowance & a minimum of hours to book your Party

Opening & Closing Hours
  • Monday to Friday 9.00 until 7.00
  • Saturday 10.00 until 7.00
  • Sunday 10.00 until 4.00

How to book 

Should we book ahead?

Friday, Saturday & Sunday’s are our busiest days so, yes it’s a good idea to book ahead

How do I book a Mobile Beauty booking or party?

You can either call, text or email us.

Why do we have to pay a deposit?

A deposit secures your booking date & for organising the therapists

What about parking if we are at a hotel ?

If your Holiday accommodation charges a fee. Or the nearest car park facility requires a fee, we kindly ask this to be paid by the Host

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How many Therapists

Can I have more than one therapist?

For Pamper Parties or Mobile Beauty Bookings over 4.0 hours it is 2 or more  Therapists. Or if it is 4hrs or under it’s one Therapist

How to pay

How do I pay for my Pamper Party  booking?

Your payments can be made via our Website or Bank Transfer

Why do I have to pay a Surcharge?

As all Credit/Debit/Paypal go via Paypal’s Secure payment they charge us a small surcharge

About your Treatments

When do you need to know which treatments we would like?

For Pamper Parties as soon as possible but no later than 2 weeks before your date.  

What advice do you have for a large Pamper party?

Large Pamper Parties can be much less stressful if you just offer say 2 or 3 choices & give them a deadline

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Before your party date 

What do I need to tell my guests before the Party?

Have them arrive no later than 30 minutes before their treatment

Why do we have to remove our Nail Polish beforehand?

Sometimes it can take several minutes to remove dark or glitter polish which uses up your treatment time. If it’s a 15 minute Manicure or Pedicure we don’t have enough time

Is there anything that I need to organise for  my Pamper Party?

We recommend for over 30 mins Massages in a quiet room. For Facials , Mani’s & Gel Mani’s access to a tap & power point

The day of your Mobile Beauty party

When do we let you know our room number?

Please inform us a.s.a.p on the day of your Pamper Party or Booking your room number & whose name the room is booked under. 

What happens when the therapists arrive ?

We arrive 15 minutes before to setup

What happens if my guests are running late?

Please let us know straight away. We can wait about 10 mins but any longer unfortunately we do have to take the time off your Treatments.

What happens if your therapists  are running late?

Call us straight away & let us know & we will organise the Therapists to stay back to finish all the treatments


About cancellations

What if I can’t go ahead with my Pamper Party ?

Cancellation requires 2 week’s notice & your deposit or payment is fully refunded. If its under 2 weeks there is a cancellation fee of $50.

What if one of the guests can’t come is her treatment refundable?

Cancellation of a treatment, whether it for 30mins, 45mins or 60mins requires 1 weeks notice from your Party date & its refundable. Under 1 week’s notice it is not refundable but can be offered to another guest

What happens if I can’t go ahead with my Mobile Beauty/Massage/Nails Booking?

Cancellation of your booking requires 24 hrs notice if paid already it would be fully refundable

Gift Certificates 

Our Gift Certificates are not refundable or redeemable for cash but are transferable. 

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