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Pamper yourself – 3 reasons why

3 good reasons why you should Pamper yourself  - When you're feeling great you pretty much can do anything. The only opinion that counts is the one that you’ve got of yourself. The best move you can make is to...

Lime Oil Massage

Top 3 reasons to try a Lime oil Massage

A Tonic for a tired body, helps stiff muscles & arthritic joints, physically uplifting & re-energising, mentally helps depression or just feeling blue. Lime is a beautiful uplifting citrusy smelling oil. Which can help you mentally & physically.

best wedding accomodation Caboolture

The Best Wedding Accommodation in Caboolture

You know when you're looking for the best wedding accommodation you want it to be as perfect as possible. With their stunning Riverview Suite's overlooking the river & large open plan living space & bedroom. It's ideal when you're preparing...


Best DIY Spa Pamper Party tips

If your looking for amazingly simple DIY Spa Pamper Party tips read on. We have luscious DIY Spa products & delicious Spa themed Cocktails. Check out the great Spa Party tips

Beauty Party Shailer Park

Why you’ll love our Beauty Party

Our most popular Beauty Party treatments - Wicked Chocolate & Vanilla Facial Mask, Soberry Strawberry Anti-Oxidant oil Massage with free Strawberry Champagne, Pineapple & Papaya Enzyme Facial Peel