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Best Indian Head Massage in Brisbane


The most relaxing Indian Head Massage Brisbane 

Why our Indian Head Massage is the best

  • did you know what is the most calming massage of all
  • an Indian Head and Scalp Massage
  • it is so soothing and completely relaxing by
  • releasing all the good endorphins
  • like Dopamine which kinda makes you high and happy
  • like a natural drug
  • also Serotonin which puts you in a good mood
  • like a natural anti-depressant
  • it makes you feel so peaceful
  • furthermore you will start to feel a little sleepy
  • also it clears your mind
  • because you are focusing on the head massage 
  • you are actually doing mindful mediation
  • for more on all our Mobile Massages 

What is Indian Head Massage

  • an Indian Head Massage Brisbane focuses on your
  • head, neck, shoulders & upper back
  • also relieving headaches and migraines
  • also if your feeling emotionally run down
  • it can relieve stress and depression
  • as well as sleeplessness and insomnia 
  • furthermore loosening stiff neck
  • shoulder & upper back muscles
  • by focusing on pressure points
  • massaging your scalp
  • it is one of the most relaxing type of massage
  • we also have our luscious indulgent massages like 
  • our Strawberry and Chocolate massages packages

Why you’ll love the best Indian Head Massage in Brisbane 

  • first we start off with a Passionfruit and Almond oil
  • Tangerine is like a sedative
  • also great for anxiety, stress & depression
  • then we give you a totally blissful
  • back, shoulder, neck, head and facial massage
  • furthermore we massage your scalp again
  • adding our nourishing Banana hair treatment
  • especially good for dry ends
  • afterwards you feel blissfully calm
  • also your mind will be more at peace
  • but if your not sure which type of massage is for you
  • go to a our Massage Blogs
Best Indian Head Massage Brisbane
Best Indian Head Massage Brisbane
Best Indian Head Massage Brisbane


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Indian Head Massage Brisbane

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