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In 3 quick steps – we tell you the correct beauty products to use

Did you know the average Australian women spend $3600 per year on beauty products. Wow that’s a lot, you certainly don’t want to be wasting money on useless beauty products.  More great tips in our Beauty Blogs 

So simple just know your correct skin type. 

Ist Step Your Skin Test

  1. Go to the mirror & look & feel your skinbeauty products not working
  2. Is it dry & patchy
  3. Or oily & shiny
  4. Do you have small or large pores
  5. Any areas with redness or lines & wrinkles

A very good book called  The Age Fix- How to Look Ten Years Younger  by a leading Plastic surgeon tells you which beauty products actually work.

2nd Step Cleanser Test

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, rinse off & dry. Sit down where it’s not to hot or cold &beauty_products_not_working_ about an hour. Blot your face with a tissue & look at your skin & the tissue. Here’s how  DIY Professional Spa Facial & Body Treatment Day at home  

  • Normal skin – has no oil or flakiness – Foaming cleansers great for N/O/C
  • Combination skin – has oil on your T-Zone, large pores & dryness 
  • Oily skin – has oil on most areas try Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
  • Acne Prone skin – has many breakouts & or Dry/Sensitive areas with redness 
  • Dry Skin – has  flakiness or feels tight with almost invisible pores. Try using a Hydrating Cleanser. Like Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream
  • Sensitive skin – is redness, stinging, rashes or itching. A Gentle cleanser is ideal for Sensitive
  • Mature skin – is usually over 40 yrs with fine lines, wrinkles & or a lack of firmness. Can also be slightly oily/dry/sensitive

3nd Step Moisturiser test

Remember in Summer use a light moisturiser especially for C/O/A skins. In winter use a moisturiser especially for D/S/M skins. Read this first before you buy your next  What 3 Anti-Ageing ingredients your moisturiser should havebeauty_prodcuts_not_working

  • Normal skin – your moisturiser should not feel heavy or leave you feeling tight
  • Oily skin – it shouldn’t leave a greasy feeling. Gel or Non-Comedogenic moisturiser are ideal for O/C/A skins 
  • Combination skin – it doesn’t feel greasy on your t-zone or tight in other areas.  Apply less to your oily area & more to drier areas
  • Acne Prone skin –  first apply your acne treatment before your moisturiser.
  • Dry Skin – it should absorb straight into the skin & relive any dryness. Use a Cream moisturisers
  • Sensitive skin – it shouldn’t leave skin irritated, stingy or red. With no heavy feeling or tightness
  • Mature skinNeeds a treatment serum first. Then your moisturiser depending on whether your slightly N/C/O/D/S skin type

Still not sure about your skin type go a Beauty therapist we can diagnose your skin type. Book  yourself one of our indulgent Mobile Beauty treatments.  Your skin always feels so soft & glowing afterward 

Try our Lime, Apple & Coconut Facial ideal for N/C/O skins. Or our Raspberry & Desert Lime Facial great for N/D/M skins think.  Its time to have your skin properly diagnosed. Your face will thank you book now 

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