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How is Beauty & Health related to having a happier lifeBeauty & Health Blog

When you feel beautiful and healthy you always feel more confident and more positive.  Since it has been proven, that when you feel good about yourself you eat healthier, sleep better and therefore have better self-care habits.

Being Beautiful isnt always about how you look or feel 

But most importantly it your thoughts and the way you react to things happening in your life. Therefore if you start to feel more beautiful and healthier then you start to feel more confident and positive. So you just generally feel better about yourself.

For most people feeling and looking better is big boost of confidence, which generally makes you feel more happier, easier going and friendlier.

It’s sometimes the little things that make you feel Healthier and more Beautiful

Like feeling great about eating Strawberries last night instead of that cheesecake.  Or sticking to your exercise routine all week.

Here some things you could try for a quick shot of confidence –  Just buying a beautiful new lipstick colour. Trying a natural and healthier skincare product.  Have a free Makeup makeover at one of the department stores. Or finally having that heavenly head massage you have been wanting for a while

It has been scientifically linked in staying more positive by simply keeping up your Beauty Beauty & Health Blog& Health routine

If you had a bad diet day you will bounce back a lot quicker. Instead of overindulging the next few days, you might just do it for one more day then get back on track a lot quicker. Maybe you have a bad day at work you find you wont talk quite so negatively to your self.

So it ok go ahead and spurge on a beautiful Manicure it’s all about beauty from within

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