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Facial treatments helps Milia

Millia banish those bumps on your face 


What causes Milia how to avoid them

They aren’t always big or even noticeable. So if you want banish those annoying bumps, here are a few tips
  • They are like white pearls under your skinBeauty treatments helps Milia
  • Caused by dead skin cells trapped under the surface
  • Avoid heavy or pore-clogging skin care products
  • Too much Sun thickens your skin making it hard to remove
  • Not Exfoliating regularly or having a good skin care routine
  • Too much heavy makeup & not taking it off
  • Reduce high cholesterol foods

Quickest way to remove them

If you only have a few bumps try Lancing  with a thin needle. 
  • Only for light handed people
  • Be so gentle around your eye area 
  • Its not like popping a pimple, it needs to be lanced firstWhat to use to remove Milla
  • The Milla MUST BE HARD
  • Use a sterilised sharp needle or Comedone extractor
  • First cleanse your face thoroughly
  • Gently make the teeniest tear on top of the Milla or next to it
  • With little pressure, use the extractor
  • Or wear gloves using your 2 index fingers to coax the Milia out
  • If it wont come out after a few go’s STOP  
  • Finish with your usual skincare routine

Or you can try Medicated Creams 

Retinoids which are a derivative of Vitamin A is applied to the effected area
  • You can try a non prescription Retinoid but it is not as quickMillia removal
  • Apply at night & avoid sunlight for a short period
  • Tretinoin (Retin-A)  long time all purpose wrinkle/acne/pigmentation treatment
  • Isotretinoin(Accutane) taken orally, is effective against acne, has serious side effects
  • Retinoid tazarotene (Tazorac) is more effective as a better wrinkle reducer than tretinoin,
  • Adapalene (Differin) is newer &  less irritating acne-fighter than tretinoin

When to See a Dermatologist or Beauty Therapist

If you have a lot of Milia you might consider seeing a Dermatologist or a Beauty therapist 
  • A Dermatologist will likely lance themFacial Pamper Party treatment
  • They sometimes use a numbing cream
  • A Beauty Therapist will start with a Facial treatment
  • Book yourself a Facial with Micodermabrasion or a AHA Peel
  •  Ask them to do extractions they will probably lance them
  • Afterwards they will apply more treatments to improve your skin

How to keep them from coming back

Now that you have removed all or the majority of Milia this is when you change you skin care routine.
  • Mobile Beauty AHA Gylcolic Peel Always remove your Make-up completely 
  • Especially around your eye area where your prone to Millia
  • Always use a cleanser as that open up your pores
  • Focus on extra cleansing on pimple prone spots
  • Use an exfoliant with Salyicilic Acid 2 or 3 times a week
  • then reduce to 1 or 2 times as skin clears up
  • Use a Peel with Glycolic Acid start 2 or 3 times a week
  • Then reduce to 1 or 2 times as skin clears up
  • Apply a Mask appropriate for your skin type
  • Next use your toner to close your pores
  • Lastly your moisturizer preferably using a Comodene free cream or an Oil free one

Which Facials treatments will help

Try our  Facial with an AHA Peel which includes Glycolic which is actually made from sugar cane 
  • Mobile Beauty BrisbaneStarting with a Pomegranate cleanser opening your pores
  • A Rosehip & Bamboo scrub around your eye area only
  • Strawberry Cinnamon Microdermabrasion scrub for the rest
  • Glycolic AHA Peel massaging it in all over your face
  • Soothing scalp massage while the Peel penetrates
  • Steamed towels & Orange Blossom toner to close pores
  • Finish with an Eye cream & Pomegranate moisturiser
  • Ideal for Normal/Oily/Combination & Mature Skins


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