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Mobile Gel Polish

Which Salon/Mobile Nail services is right for you

Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails,

Gel Polish (Shellac) or Nail Dipping Powder


What are the differences

in the Nail Services

  • Artificial Acrylic nails are applied to the bare nail
  • to make a nail tip
  • it’s basically a blob of glue
  • shaped on your nail & air-dried
  • Artificial Gel Nails are applied to the bare nail
  • or to a nail tip glued 
  • it’s basically painted on from a little pot of gloop
  • after cured under a UV lamp
  • Gel Polish is applied exactly like normal polish
  • basically its base, colour & top coat
  • then cured under a UV lamp
  • Dip Powdered Nails is basically powder coloured polish
  • first the base coat
  • then its dipped in the coloured powder a few times
  • then sealant is applied

Which Mobile

nail services – Pros

  • Artificial Acrylics great for special occasions
  • to lengthen short & weak nails
  • stronger & cheaper than gel
  • Artificial Gel ideal for special occasions
  • great to lengthen short nails
  • more flexible, glossy & natural then Acrylics
  • also its quicker to apply & non toxic
  • Gel Polish is ideal if you just want longer lasting coloured polish
  • great for any nails or weak nails 
  • lasts up to 3 weeks 
  • also wont damage your nail
  • quicker & cheaper than Nail Dipping
  • furthermore we use Gel polish brand Gelish
  • which use a vitamin enhanced gentle remover
  • Nail Dipping Powders is great if you want a more natural nail polish
  • no odour, no liquid & no curing
  • feels like your real nails & thinner than Gel Polish 

Which Mobile

nail services – Cons

  • Acrylic nails don’t look that natural
  • they can damage your nail be
  • also has harsh chemicals & fumes
  • Gel nails cost more
  • does not last as long as Acrylic
  • also need a professional to remove it
  • Gel Polish or (Shellac which is a brand name)
  • not used to lengthen nails
  • also if your nail breaks you can’t fix it yourself 
  • Nail Dipping Powder is still new 
  • dipping your nails in powder used by other can have hygiene problem
  • there is some concerns that not all powders are safe
  • it takes much longer
  • also its more expensive than Gel
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