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Acupressure for Headache

Aromatherapy Massage Remedies for Home


Banish Headaches with a Aromatherapy Massage 

  • don’t take a pain killer try these Aromtherapy Massage home techniques
  • apply these oils – Lavender or Chamomile or both
  • massage for a few minutes – on your acupressure point 
  • now apply pressure – for a few minutes
  • forehead pain – against the bridge of the nose 
  • temple pain – press on your temple
  • eye pain – press between your eye & forehead
  • general headaches – hold sides of head in palms, push in & shift fingers across skull
  • try our popular Tangerine Oil Indian Head Treatment
  • using a revitalising Tangerine & Almond oils
  • Indian Head helps relax your mind, reduce headaches & sleeplessness
  • we massage your back, shoulder, neck, scalp, face
  • finishing with a Macadamia hair oil treatment 

Try Aromatherapy Massage to reduce Stress

  • hop in a bath if you can using this massage blend below
  • light some candles & lay back & relax
  • oils – massage 20ml almond oil
  • with 10 drops Lavender, 5 drops Chamomile
  • if you have Vanilla 3 drops 
  • massage for a few minutes – on your acupressure point
  • now apply pressure for a few minutes
  • for tension – press on area between thumb & finger
  • for insomnia -press against the bridge of the nose
  • for tiredness – between your ankle & foot on the right handside
  • want a  calming & soothing Aromatherapy massage
  • try our Swedish Massage with Lavender & Vanilla oil
  • finishing with a relaxing scalp massage 

Relive Backpain with this Aromatherapy Massage technique

  • massage backache with specially blended oils & accupressure points
  • to help absorb your oils even better apply a heat pack
  • oil – 20ml almond oil, 10 lavender & 5 rosemary
  • upper backache – press the side of hand at the base of your little finger
  • lower backache – between your ankle & foot on the right handside
  • feeling rundown try our Shiatsu Acupressure Passionfruit Massage 
  • reduce stress, backache, joint pain
  • digestive problems & menstrual problems 
  • finish with Lime foot scrub & lime butter cream massage

For Headaches

Acupressure for Headache

For Tension

Acupressure point for Tension

Lower Back

Acupressure point lower back

Relax & Rebalance

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